Black Friday Blog Hop and Giveaways!

Hello, book lovers! I hope everyone had a happy and safe Thanksgiving and is ready for Black Friday shopping and deals. As part of the Black Friday Blog Hop sponsored by Carrie Ann’s Blog Hops, I’m giving away books!!! Just leave a comment and tell me one thing you’re thankful for.  Five commentors will win an ebook copy of one of my books. If you’re a subscriber to my blog, you’ll have two entries. I’ll pick the winners using and will announce the winners on my blog on November 24th as well as by email.

See the blurbs for Cooking Up Love and The Game of Seduction below.

But that’s not all….

Your comment is also an entry for the three grand prizes. You as a reader can go to EACH blog and comment with your email address and be entered to win. Yep, you can enter over 200 times.

1st Grand Prize: A Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet
2nd Grand Prize: A $75 Amazon or B&N Gift Card
3rd Grand Prize: A Swag Pack that contains paperbacks, ebooks, 50+ bookmarks, cover flats, magnets, pens, coffee cozies and more!
Good Luck!

When Shelbi Arrington accepts a position as a food critic in the hopes of burying her medical career and foregoing her residency, the last thing she’s searching for is love. However, that’s just what the doctor ordered especially when she lays eyes on the handsome chef, Justin Richardson. While sorting out her secret conflict of continuing her medical career, she falls for his mouthwatering charm, leaving her hungry for anything he has to offer.

Justin is leery of doctors because a doctor’s negligence caused his mother’s death when he was twelve. He has put his focus and energy into his restaurant, which had been a dream he and his mother shared. Justin is immediately smitten by the cute, sassy food critic that has him cooking up different ways to please her appetite. But when things start to heat up, Shelbi learns of a shocking revelation that could extinguish the flame of their relationship. Will Justin be able to forget his pain and commit to the woman who has stolen his heart?

Cooking Up Love is the first book in the Arrington Family Series.


Dr. Bria Arrington has had her heart broken by one bad boy playboy and doesn’t want to travel down that road again. However, she finds herself attracted to her best friend, self-proclaimed bachelor, Rasheed Vincent. After a passionate kiss leaves them desiring more, seducing each other is the only cure.

A retired basketball player, Rasheed is a player on and off the court. When a woman gets too close, he bounces to the next one. But the condition he’s in makes him want a permanent dose of Bria’s love, and he’s ready for the shot. She knows falling in love with Rasheed is a prescription for trouble, yet she is willing to risk it. But can she trust him with her heart?

The Game of Seduction is the second book in the Arrington Family Series.

Happy hopping, readers. Here’s the link to take you back to the participating authors/blogs.   Black Friday Blog Hops

86 thoughts on “Black Friday Blog Hop and Giveaways!

  1. Hope you had a Happy and safe thanksgiving as well 🙂 I am most thankful for my familly and authors and their books. Without both of them my life would be really dull

  2. Hi Candace

    Good to see you in this hop. You know I love your book. Keep on writing! 🙂

    I am thankful I get to wake up each day to do it all over again. I have loved ones and family in my life that makes it all worrthwhile getting up. Thanks for the opportunity to share.

    Belinda G
    belgre AT comcast DOT net

  3. I’m thankful for all the typical things. I’m also thankful for the awesome authors who breathe life into words and keep me sane with their wonderful stories. 🙂

    I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!.

  4. thankful for books – they amuse, teach, entertain and well – keep me from wandering out and becoming road kill on Black Friday..
    Thank you for participating – I’m happiest staying in without a crowd where I can read and look about ..

    glhince (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. I’m not a Black Friday shopper. I don’t believe that shopping should ever be a full contact sport. I spend the day baking cookies with my kiddos instead.

  6. I happy because all my loved ones are healthy and happy.
    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com
    WordPress: BookAttict

  7. I’m thankful for all the people in my life. They are all meant to cross my path at some time for some reason – to encourage me, to challenge me, to teach me or to just love me. I’m thankful for all of them because they are what make life’s journey.

  8. I’m thankful for my family and online shopping so I don’t have to go to the mall. I hate the crowds and madness of this time of year.

  9. I am thankful for 5 minutes of quite….my son can be lively at times.I am glad to have found you on this blog hop and look forward to reading your works. Kim86004(at)gmail(dot)com

  10. Oh this hop was so much more fun than being out shopping in the crowds! I am so happy to have had the chance to participate on an idle day!

    Happy Holidays,

  11. I’m thankful for my kids and grandkids and the lock on my bedroom door so I can sometimes escape and read an adult book instead of Dr Seuss. 🙂


  12. I am thankful for my family. I no longer go Black Friday shopping. Too many crazy people out there. I don’t have the patience I had when I was younger, LOL. So today I am staying in and blog hopping, instead of shopping! Thanks for the hop!

  13. Mostly what I’m thankful for is that I have a roof over my head and a family to enjoy the holidays with. So many people are either homeless or have been affected by storms. One thing that disappoints me is that the politicians spends millions of money on ads and that money could have been put to much better use. Thank you for a chance to win one of your books.

    Happy Holidays!

  14. Hi! Happy Holidays to you! No, im not a shopper on black friday. I hate crowds. I like to stay home, spend time with my family and eat leftovers. 🙂 Thanks for the awesome hop and giveaway! Best wishes and many blessings to you!

  15. I am thankful for my family and my Dad and my 16 year old nephews heart doctors.
    Thanks for the giveaway
    crystaley73 at yahoo dot com

  16. I’m thankful for my hubby, Sassy, family and friends,,. overwhelmed with all life has blessed me with really. Pop over and visit me @ # 23 if you get a sec.’ xo writeoncindy(at)yahoo(dot)com

  17. I am thankful for every moment I have whether it’s spending time with family and friends, working, or just reading a good book. To have the freedom to spend my time how ever I want is a blessing.

  18. I am so very thankful for my family and friends. Without their support these past two years would have been nearly impossible to bear.

  19. Thankful for my family and friends. And this wonderful alternative to black friday shopping. I much prefer hopping. 🙂 Thanks for your giveaway!
    oddball2003 at hotmail dot com

  20. I’m thankful for the laughter in my life. I avoided the crowds at the mall today and went to the movies instead. Thanks for being in the hop!

    jochibi AT yahoo DOT com

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