Book Spotlight: The Mating by Sandra Ross

Sandra Ross stops by to share her erotic romance The Mating, the first book in her Wild Cat Series and its FREE! So get your copy today! Happy reading!

aMating_-_Wild_Cat_Series_Part_One_-_cover_photoShe never knew someone like him would come…

Iliana first met Nickolas in the restaurant where she worked as a waitress. He was beautiful, rich, witty–and beckoned her for just one date. Yet her senses whispered something else: “He’s unpredictable.” She never knew what to expect with him.
Nickolas woed her everyday, nonstop, for a month.  He brought her to his secluded castle, straight from the pages of a fairy tale, and dazzled her with a display of romantic lights like she’s never seen before. All of this… for her.
He was an epitome of control, like a panther, but as a lover he was just as wild. He set her body on fire, and it consumed both of them again and again. Sex with him was simply incomparable!
Overwhelmed by passion she has never experienced before, Iliana wasn’t really thinking clearly. It was every girl’s dream unraveling faster than she could hold onto. Nickolas was just too good to be true. So she was sometimes afraid–of waking up. Of seeing the truth.
Because all her senses knew his secret. There is something to Nickolas that more than meets the eye, and it’s what’s tugging at her to wake up. To just open her eyes.

“The Castle? As in that place with the capital C?”

His lips twitched in amusement.

“Yes. It’s my home. It was named this way by the paparazzi and in the end I got to like it, so I kept it.”

She knew about the history of the name but she didn’t realize he owned it. It was supposed to be this place that was picturesque but very private, highly secure and inaccessible, which was why the media dubbed it “The Fortress”. They could not get in without special passes. And then they could only stay outside.

She could only guess why Nickolas lived in such a house.

“Why are we going there? Why not the places where you’d brought me before?” she couldn’t help but ask him.

Instead of giving her an informative answer or excuses men use when they were thinking of something dodgy, he just threw her a mysterious grin.

“You’ll see.”

So of course, her heart jumped, and then began to race.

They drove out of the city on a road that led to a big hill. Large swaths of woods covered either side as far as she could see.

She was surprised because she thought no buildings existed anywhere in this area. But she supposed it was appropriate a place that was dubbed a fortress could be found here.

Iliana was getting nervous. Excited. Excited and nervous. Nervous and excited.

She started panicking.

It would be a huge place, she knew. But it also meant they would be alone, or would have opportunities to be alone.

Would he try? Would he finally kiss her tonight?

Oh my God, it has become hot inside the car.

Iliana distracted herself by looking out the window at a non-existent view. Only the moon provided light. She could barely see anything beyond the car’s powerful headlights.

Just before they reached the peak of the hill, they turned onto a small, narrow road that was hardly visible.

They continued for about fifteen minutes until suddenly, a huge metal double door loomed before them, bathed in the vehicle’s headlights.

It looked really heavy and really thick. Tall walls spread from both sides. Adorning the top of these walls were reels of sinister-looking barbed wire.

The Fortress, went through her head.

The heavy doors opened almost silently, automatically.

Chills went up her spine.

As they drove through it, Iliana felt as if they were passing through a barrier to another time.

Everything—the night, the woods they were leaving behind, the air, and what was waiting for them beyond—was eerily exotic.

And then, on one side of the long driveway, a standing canopy appeared. She knew this was only impressed upon her when the car’s light fell on it. But to her tensed nerves, it was suddenly just there.

More importantly, a large man wearing a dark suit and holding a walkie-talkie stood outside it, motioning to Nickolas to proceed as they passed.

“Tell me again… what line of work did you say you are in? A mob leader, maybe? How many of him do you have?” she asked a little incredulously.

He smiled as he maneuvered the car to an extension of the long driveway. “Some unfortunate past encounters with the paparazzi made me realize that I need a very good security staff to protect my privacy. I have a few others like him. But I assure you, I’m a simple businessman.”

“Yeah. So was Capone,” she teased.

But she wasn’t entirely teasing. Her instincts were thrashing about, shouting something.

Because if there was something that Nickolas was not, it was simple.

It suddenly occurred to her that if he wanted to know her background, he could know whatever he felt like uncovering. There was nothing that she could hide from him.

Oh God! Did he know?

Why would he want to?

The large man’s image appeared inside her head.

She almost cringed.

Sure, it was just a paparazzi problem.

Yeah, right… so was Capone…

They continued in silence for a few minutes more. But whatever she wanted to ask, she knew she never would.

As they reached the top, Nickolas stopped the car.

And then he turned to her with a smile.

“The Castle,” he said softly.

From looking at him, she turned at what his hand indicated.

And then she froze.

They were at the opening to an enormous, heavily-lit plateau surrounded by tall trees. In front of them was spread a colorful pandemonium as far as the eye could see.

Small gardens of all sizes and shapes lay filled with flowers of all kinds and colors. They were separated by a road branching off in a dozen different directions, forming numerous intersections.

Beyond, she could see the lighted house.

The Castle.

She stared in awe.

Enormous, it occupied almost the entire back side of the plateau. It resembled a castle straight out of a fairy-tale, replete with towers and turrets. Except for the dark-red towers and window frames, the entire structure gleamed a bright white caused by very modern lights. Behind it lay the forest, while the hill continued onwards in a very dramatic fashion.

“Dear Lord…!” she exclaimed in awe.

She had totally forgotten about her nerves.

The view was just breathtaking, and with wide eyes, she stared at it, laughing.

Nickolas watched her put a hand to her chest as she laughed like a child and he smiled. Regardless of her obvious delight, he could only imagine what she was thinking about him owning such a place.

It was a ridiculous place, but it served its function well. Whatever he thought of it, he knew she would find it beautiful. Or at least, he hoped.

He hoped she hadn’t forgotten about the dog-eared children’s books her mother bought in a thrift shop and was bringing home that night to her little daughter who loved fairy tales.

Those were ones of the compelling evidences presented in court, sealing to the mind of the jury the truth about how unfair and senseless the killings had been.

It broke his heart as he saw the blood-smeared covers of those books. The memory of it could still affect him.

That was why he bought this place. That’s why he thought of bringing her here.

He was suddenly anxious. He wanted to know what she thought of it now.

“Well, what do you think?”

She gulped.

He could only wonder if it was the huge mansion or what they would possibly be doing inside it in a few minutes that made her nervous.

“So… are Snow White and the seven dwarves making an appearance now? Or will Sleeping Beauty pass by first? And what about Walt? Will he join us for dinner?”

He blinked.

Then he started laughing.


He suddenly realized he was doing this a lot since he met her, and it always felt wonderful.

She just looked at him, an oblique, playful smile on her lips. It was like she somehow knew he did not laugh often and she thought that insane.

He couldn’t help but notice how sexy her expression was.

How seductive her eyes looked.

She was incredible.

She was scared, yet she found reasons to relax.

And she was so beautiful.

His cock responded to that thought.


This waiting has become ridiculous.

He couldn’t hold back any more.

He was hoping they could at least reach the house, but that now seemed impossible…

Nickolas grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her roughly to his body. She only had time for a brief, surprised scream before his lips crashed into hers.

And then everything else was forgotten.

He squeezed her body to his, his lips besieging hers passionately and getting more aggressive by the second. His tongue invaded her mouth ferociously, found hers immediately and started playing, dancing the ancient dance of a male and a female in heat.

There was only a moment’s hesitation before she started to reciprocate, and when she did he could tell how wholeheartedly she did it.

She wanted this, too.

Like the way she laughed, there was nothing holding her back.

He smiled inwardly.

And heard her moan of protest when he took his mouth from hers for a moment.

“My brave, wild cat…” he murmured, looking at the beautiful flushed face, before kissing her delicious full lips again.

In what felt like an eternity cut short, he pushed her gently from him.

“We can’t do this here,” he whispered in a hoarse voice. “I don’t want our first time in this cramped space. I want to make love to you under the stars.”

She nodded like she was ready to make love just anywhere he wanted to. She was trembling, and he knew that both of them couldn’t wait anymore.

He started the car again and drove to the Castle.

The spell had set in, and they were both under its power…

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