Book Spotlight: Rendezvous with Danger by Sharon C. Cooper

I’m excited to have my dear friend, Sharon C. Cooper stop by to share an excerpt from her latest romantic suspense, Rendezvous with Danger,  which is the second book in the Reunited Series. I’m fortunate to be her critique partner, so I read the book before it came out and you won’t be disappointed!

Sharon's bookcoverBlurb

Alandra Pargas, ex-CIA counter-intelligence officer, plans to wreak vengeance on the people who tried to kill her. A little rendezvous with danger is not what scares her, though. It’s seeing the tall, dark, and dangerously sexy man she vowed to love forever that has her running for cover.

Former U.S. Special Operative, Quinn Hamilton, left the world of covert operations after the love of his life died in his arms during a black op. Three years later, he still loses sleep wondering if maybe he could have done something more to save her – until Alandra shows up on his doorstep. With her lies and betrayal, he wants nothing to do with her, yet, his heart won’t cooperate. It’s not until unknown enemies come after her that he must decide if he can leave the past behind and protect the woman he’ll always love. Will they survive this last mission and rekindle the love and passion they once shared?


“So, how many more women am I going to have to beat off with a stick?”Alandra asked, thinking about the woman from the bar. “Are they going to be ringing the doorbell at all hours of the night?”

“There are no other women. You’re the first and the only woman who has ever stepped foot in this house.” He kissed the side of her neck. “Well, except for Dallas and my decorator.”

He slipped the dress from her shoulders and it pooled around her feet. Alandra heard the hitch in his throat when he realized she didn’t have on a bra or panties. She stepped out of the outfit and turned, wearing only a silver pendant around her neck and red stilettos on her feet.

She almost burst out laughing when his mouth dropped open.

“I take it you like what you see?”

“You know damn well I do.” His smoldering gaze roamed over her body.

“Well, it’s all yours, baby.” She struck a seductive pose and leveled him with a come-hither look.

A slow smile touched his lips. “Oh, so it’s going to be that kind of party tonight, huh?” He stepped back, unbuckled his belt and eased his dress shirt out of his pants, never taking his eyes off her. “So you think you can tease me relentlessly,” he removed his shirt, “with your sexy body and I not fight back with a few moves of my own?” He tossed his shirt to the floor and sat on the edge of the bed removing his boots and socks, his taut muscles rippling with every move.

He looked up, his eyebrows arched mischievously. “You do know two can play that game don’t you?”

He stood. Wickedness sparkling in his dark eyes. He slowly unzipped his pants and Alandra swallowed hard. She was familiar with the large package hidden behind his zipper and longed to have it inside her. Watching him undress was like being deliciously tortured, the prolonged anticipation almost unbearable. Taking his precious time, he pushed down his pants, letting them fall smoothly to the floor. Whoo! The man’s body was sexy as hell and his theatrics were nearly her undoing.

He looked totally male – big, strong and dangerous. Clad in black briefs he stood with his tree-trunk like legs shoulder width apart and stared at her, his passion-filled eyes rooting her in place. It had been a long time since he’d stripped for her, and it was definitely worth the wait, but she knew she couldn’t take much more.

His eyes slid closed and Alandra’s gaze followed as his large hand traveled slowly down his hard-sculpted chest, leisurely over his flat six-pack, and then lower. He clutched his crotch, squeezing and stroking, his moans filling the intimate space as his hips moved to a sensual rhythm. Alandra inhaled sharply. She could feel the heat radiating from every pore in his body. She clenched her hands tightly, fearing she would draw blood from her nails cutting into her palms. Her desire was at its peak and her womanly folds were getting wetter by the minute.

And then…he licked his lips.

Her heart slammed against her chest and her knees went weak. Lord have mercy.

“Okay, you win,” she said breathlessly and jumped into his arms. “I want you inside me, and I want you now.”


Want to find out what happens next? Get your copy today! It’s available in ebook on – NOW! Click here for your copy!


NOTE: Have you read the short story prequel to Rendezvous with Danger? If not, check it out! Secret Rendezvous is the short story prequel and can be found *FREE* at all ebook online retailers. Here’s the link to the *FREE* copy on Amazon


Author Bio

Bestselling author, Sharon C. Cooper, lives in Atlanta with her husband and enjoys reading, writing, and rainy days. She writes sweet and contemporary romance, as well as romantic suspense. Sharon is a Pro member of Romance Writers of America (RWA), a member of Georgia Romance Writers (GRW), and a member of the Page a Day Writers Group. To read more about Sharon and her novels, visit her at:



Facebook Fan Page


13 thoughts on “Book Spotlight: Rendezvous with Danger by Sharon C. Cooper

  1. Hi Sharon,

    Just stopped by to say hi in support of you and the release of your new book. Always a pleasure! Much continued success!


  2. Loved this book! I actually came across Secret Rendezvous on my Kindle first, and then downloaded Rendezvous with Danger. Couldn’t wait to read the entire story. I absolutely love Quinn! He and Alandra are perfect for each other. Now I’ll go back and read blue Roses. Thanks for the wonderful read.

  3. Secret Rendezvous was was an absolute joy to read. I finished it in 3 days. Can’t wait for the next one

  4. Candace, I love these profiles of other authors on your blog and thank you so much for profiling Sharon C. Cooper. I am happy to say I am now a new fan of Sharon’s and really enjoyed all the books in this series. I’m looking forward to reading more of her work. Sharon, you are a great story teller!

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