Book Spotlight: Elle by The Black

Hello book lovers! Today I welcome author The Black on my blog. He’s sharing an excerpt from one of his hot erotic novels Elle, which is book one in the Insatiable series. Check out the excerpt below and let The Black know what you think!



Elle by the blackTo her employees and friends, Gabrielle Archer is the epitome of the self-made, strong black woman. With her aggressive style and razor tongue she’s made it in a man’s world with room to spare and bodies in her wake. She’ll put anyone who crosses her – especially any man – in his place, and then she’ll despise him for his weakness. No man dares challenge her…except one.

Simon Bishop knows what buttons to push – not to ignite Gabrielle’s wrath – but to strip away her emotional armor to reveal the woman within – the woman she yearns to be: Elle.

Elle has no power and no control. Elle is free to give herself over to a strong man, a man she trusts to take care of her so that she can give all to him. And what Elle has to give is a fiery passion that that knows no boundaries and no shame.
Elle is the woman that every real man desires, and the woman that every other woman, deep in her heart, wants to be.

Author’s Note:

When I posted an early draft of “Elle” online a few years ago, I was surprised at the number of responses I received from female readers who told me how much they identified with Elle’s character; how she spoke to their hearts and epitomized their own feelings about being strong women and the price to be paid for that strength. Based on those responses, I knew that one day Elle would become a published novel.
~ The Black~



Her flight to Newark departed at five PM, which meant she had to be at the airport by three.   She made it home at 12:30, then stripped and soaked for an hour in Black Raspberry Vanilla bubble bath.

She knew exactly what she wanted to wear tonight, but for the rest of the weekend with Simon she had no idea. Then it occurred to her that she didn’t need to pack anything other than her toiletries, because most likely Simon would have her naked for most of her visit. She smiled at that thought. If she needed clothes Simon would buy them for her. He took care of her like that. He takes care of me because I’m his. I belong to him.

After lotion and perfume Gabrielle slipped into black Brazilian-cut lace panties and a matching bra, and seamed thigh high stockings with lace tops. She stood in her mirror for a moment, admiring her undergarments and wondering what Simon’s reaction would be when he saw her in this later tonight.

Her new shoes came next: Peep-toe sling back pumps. She smiled at her reflection. Yes, they were patent leather, but this time they wouldn’t distract from her outfit.

The outfit was a new a black silk shift mini dress by Sheri Bodell. The dress had a scoop neck and poet sleeves. Its bib front had leather and chain accents. Along with the silky sheen of her dress, the accents were a nice counter-point to her shoes. He’s going to love me in this, for as long as I’m in it.


Other people loved her ensemble first. From Richmond to Newark, even though she wore an open thigh-length satin trench coat over her dress, heads turned her way. Maybe it was her outfit; maybe it was that new walk Erica talked about.

There was a time, just a few weeks ago, when she would have been offended and angered by men ogling her. She’d always been so adamant about being seen as more than just a body. But she was learning to celebrate rather than hide and defend her womanhood. Now, as she exited the plane in Newark, she had no problem with the admiring stares from men, and the envious glares from some women.

Gabrielle scanned the area, but didn’t see Simon among the sea of faces at the Newark International gate. She’d told him that her flight arrived at 6:49. It was just past seven now.  Well, maybe he got stuck in traffic. She reached into her purse for her cell phone to call and see where he was.

“Mademoiselle Archer?”

Gabrielle turned at the sound of her name, and was startled at vision of the woman standing just a step away. She was tall, nearly six feet. Her skin was a deep, rich, black coffee brown. She had the rounded cheekbones and long, slender neck of someone from the African continent. She wore a police officer’s service cap over her cut close hair. But the woman’s most striking feature was her eyes. They were a deep emerald green.

God, has something happened to Simon?


“Mademoiselle Archer?” the statuesque beauty said again.

The visual shock had delayed Gabrielle’s realization that the woman spoke with a heavy French accent. Did airport security now employ foreign agents?

“Um yes, I’m Gabrielle Archer. Is there a problem?”

“Non, Mademoiselle – no,” the woman said. “My name is Amarante. I will be your driver. I will transport you to dinner with Simon.”

If the woman’s striking looks hadn’t so captivated her, Gabrielle would have realized that she wore a chauffeur’s – not a cop or airport security uniform.

“Do you have luggage, Mademoiselle?”

“No, no I don’t.”  Now Gabrielle really noticed the woman’s attire. Her tailored double-breasted navy jacket hugged her trim frame. The matching slacks bore a razor sharp military crease, tapering down to highly polished low-heeled pumps. She was a striking figure – darkly beautiful, even elegant. But she looked dangerous as well, like some predatory cat.

The beauty smiled at her, and Gabrielle noticed that she had an inch-long vertical scar under left eye. Instinct told her that that scar hadn’t happened in some random accident.

“Very good, Mademoiselle,” Amarante said. “Your car is this way.”


 The car was a pearl white Jaguar stretch limousine. It idled at the curb in the passenger pick up/drop off lane, shining in the evening light like a fine jewel. Elle muttered, “Oh my God – you’re kidding, right?”

Amarante only smiled and said, “Simon is waiting for you inside.”

More heads turned Elle’s way as Amarante opened the limo door for her, onlookers curious to see who rated a ride in this modern day Cinderella coach. It made her feel good, special.

Simon’s smile and admiring gaze made her feel even better.

“Damn, you look amazing,” he said from the back seat.

Elle climbed in and scooted across the seat into his arms. Their kisses lasted for long minutes, but not long enough to suit her. When they came up for air she checked out the limo’s posh interior.

On either side of the headliner, overhead trimmed aircraft dome lights illuminated the coach.  Lower level neon and fiber optic lighting augmented the overhead lights. A ceiling mounted mirror ran the length of the passenger area between the overhead lights.

They sat on the forward facing rear bench seat, upholstered with leather as soft as a baby’s skin. A longer bench sat perpendicular to the rear seat, opposite a stocked bar console, which was exquisitely finished with hardwood and glass insets and translucent glass holders. The glassware was fancy enough for a castle dining room.

“Wow, what’s the occasion?” Elle asked.

Simon said, “No occasion, other than that I’m happy to see you. And I wanted to do something a little different this time.”

She looked at him, into his eyes and at his little smile. She was starting to learn certain things by Simon’s tone, or by the subtle nuances of his expressions. “By something different, do you mean this limo ride?” she asked.

His smiled widened. “We’ll see babe.” Then he looked to the front of the vehicle, where Amarante waited behind the wheel. “We’re ready,” he said.

Wow, and I’m curious just like Elle to see what happens next! Thank you, The Black for sharing this sexy excerpt. Going to Amazon now!


Kindle Version

Nook Version



For over a decade, The Black has been an author of multi-genre fiction. His online stories, which include dozens of short pieces, novellas and serialized fiction like the Insatiable and Passion series and The Hitman Chronicles, have made him a web-wide favorite author. Originally from the New Jersey Shore, The Black now lives in Virginia, where he is working on many new writing projects.

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