Book Spotlight: On Ellicott Street by Davee Jones

????????????Good morning, readers! Today author Davee Jones is stopping by to share an excerpt from her latest release, On Ellicott Street. I’m definitely intrigued by this book for its a younger man/older female story. Check out the blurb and excerpt below.

As Cassie approaches fifty; she believes she missed her opportunity for love. Raising her youngest son, Joshua, alone, she faces challenges that overshadow her personal needs. Over the years, she lost touch with her essence, vibrancy, and femininity. Long ago, she accepted monotony and loneliness as her destiny. Fate intervenes in the form of a program to help Joshua adjust to his own young adulthood, where she meets Ellicott, or Eli. However, Eli, an intellectual old soul disguised as a beautiful younger man also realizes Cassie’s needs as they discuss some of the most personal details of her life. Cassie fascinates Eli and she arouses him mentally and physically. For them, age makes no difference; it makes her more beautiful to him, as Eli renews Cassie’s faith in romance. As their connection deepens, they stimulate each other’s minds, as well as their physical desires, to a smoldering level of passion.

Eli noticed Cassie as soon as he entered the bar. She sat at the end of the bar almost a

straight shot from the view of the entrance. His mouth went dry, and he recounted the events of

the afternoon. Did he tell her he would be there that night? Oh, man, you are full of yourself, he

silently chastised. She did not come here for you! Get over it! Eli remembered their

conversations remained strictly professional and never veered toward a piano bar, or anything

similar, not even once.

As his friends headed toward a table on the opposite side of the room from Cassie, Eli

wondered if he should approach her. Social situations left him fumbling and he knew little of the

rules of etiquette, especially in a situation like this. Eli figured she was probably there with

someone, and he should just leave her alone. Chances were she was not looking for him in the

first place and probably would not even notice him through the crowd of people. At that moment,

the bar lights dimmed to indicate the real party was beginning. People seemed less hesitant to

lose inhibitions with the lights dimmed just a touch. It was a great marketing tool; the owner

seemed to sell more beer that way as well.

Eli continued to the table his friends staked out and gave himself a seat facing Cassie. She

continued to intrigue him and he thought a short study of her would not be intrusive. He planned

to watch her movements and reactions, but it also helped she was absolutely stunning that night.

No other woman in the place held anything on Cassie. No matter the crowd was, on average, ten

years younger. Cassie carried herself with the essence of youth, tempered with the wisdom of her

experiences and Eli wondered if she realized that.

Eli ordered a Guinness beer and joined in the next sing-along. His friends’ voices, loud and

raucous, almost drowned out everyone around them. This night, Eli enjoyed their outlandish

immaturity, and planned to stay a little longer than he originally thought.

He watched Cassie’s mouth from across the room as she sang along laughingly with the rest

of the audience. The piano player exhibited an exceptional unruly mood for the night, and it fired

up the energetic crowd. As he launched into a series of Irish drinking songs, everyone yelled

each word. Eli enjoyed that Cassie did not know all the words, and giggled when she had no idea

what the next line was. The bouncing ball from the days of children’s TV sing-alongs held

nothing on the captivation of her lips. He felt the familiar warmth spreading through his midsection again. He wondered what she tasted like. He also wondered if she even saw him there.

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