Book Spotlight: The First Interlude by Mental Orgasms

Hello romance readers! I’m thrilled to have author Mental Orgasms stop by to share an excerpt from his debut release, The First Interlude. It’s a collection of short erotic stories from a man’s point of view and they’re really hot! I broke my rule of not reading during deadline/crunch time and read the book this past weekend, and I’m very glad I did. I rarely read erotica but these stories have sensual and romantic elements that I found quite enjoyable. I’m now going to let Mental explain the book in more detail. Happy reading!



The first InterludeWelcome to the world of Mental Orgasms Erotica.  It is a world of romance, sensuality and intrigue.  My new book ‘The First Interlude’ will be a collection of erotic short stories that allow you an unprecedented peek inside the minds of men and how they really think. Imagine for a moment if you were able to take a look at a journal of your man’s innermost thoughts of you; his dreams and his fantasies.  What was going through his mind the night he met you?  The first time he tasted your lips?  The first time he made love to you?  ‘The First Interlude’ will reveal all of those thoughts and more.

The collection of stories will appeal to you on a number of levels.  They each revolve around situations that most women have experienced at one time or another, and therefore can relate to.  You know, the close friend whom you never realized actually had deep feelings for you, the co-worker who was so appealing that just couldn’t help yourself, the old classmate who made your knees feel weak at your high school reunion last summer.  These are just a few of the scenarios that are borne out in the most descriptive, provocative passion plays you have ever read.

Each story will take you on an erotic journey thru the moments in your life that you either look back on with a sparkle in your eye or look forward to with keen anticipation.  Feel your pulse race, feel your palms sweat, feel your breathing deepen as you turn the page to see what awaits you next.


Excerpt from Friendlier than Friends (Read when the kiddies are not present)

At the end of the night, when everyone had left, it didn’t surprise me when you said you needed a nice, hot shower to relax.  What did catch me off guard was when you emerged back down your stairs thirty minutes later, barefoot and wearing a Spelman tank top, and lycra tights that fit you like skin on a grape.  Now, you and I had been alone on countless occasions and nothing more than innocent flirtation had ever taken place.  But for some reason, I saw you in a different light on that night.  Maybe it was the fact that your nipples protruded through your top like jelly beans waiting to satisfy my sweet tooth.  Or maybe it was the sight of your p****, looking like an enticing slice of pie, beneath your tights. Whatever the reason, the aura you gave off sent my blood pressure into orbit.

You slumped down in your beige leather recliner, and sighed deeply; the weight of your marital episode seemingly lifted from your shoulders.  I was glad it was over also.  I held a genuine protectiveness toward you, and I felt helpless while you were halfway across the country.  Now you were back where you belonged.

I saw you stretch your neck from side to side; apparently feeling the strain of the day just as I was.  I moved from the couch to the back of the recliner and started to massage your neck and shoulders for you.

“Mmmmm… That’s just what I need” you responded.

There was certainly nothing awkward about touching you.  I remember training you briefly, when you wanted to lose a few pounds prior to your wedding.  The close contact never seemed to bother either of us, as we were completely comfortable with each other.  The tension seemed to melt from your body, as I gently kneaded the soreness away.  Before long you were completely relaxed and almost on the verge of sleep.

As much as I tried to keep my mind focused, the view from above made it difficult.  Your cleavage was visible, and your nipples seemed to cry for attention.  Believe me when I tell you that I tried to maintain some semblance of self-control.  But I lost that battle.  I softly ran the index fingers of each hand in a circle around your nipples, and incredibly they seemed to get even harder.  I felt you stir slightly, but I was completely intrigued and didn’t want to stop now.  I rolled each of them between my thumbs and middle fingers. You let out slight moan.

“Alright now; don’t start something you don’t plan to finish.  It’s been a long time since I had any” you warned, without opening your eyes.  I just smiled.

“I never start anything I don’t have every intention on finishing” I coolly assured you.

With that, I lifted your top up above your breasts, exposing your ample mounds.  In all the times I had envisioned them, I never imagined them being this delectable.  I leaned down and took the right breast into my mouth, while continuing to massage the left.  This elicited a full moan from deep within you.

I watched the rise and fall of your tummy, as your breathing pattern began to change.  Your relaxation seemed to reach a new level, as your hand reached up to caress my head.

“Are you sure you want to go there?” you whispered.

Truthfully, I couldn’t have been more sure.  We had maintained a friendship for years, but from the second I laid eyes on you, I wanted you.  I’d often wondered what life would have been like for each of us had we gone down the romantic road years ago, instead of the platonic one.  But things happen for a reason.  I was just glad they had brought us back together.  I walked around to the front of the recliner and knelt in front of you.

“Something tells me that if I go there, I might not want to come back” I explained.  You examined my eyes, and certainly saw my sincerity.

“Let’s see if you feel that way tomorrow” you responded.

I was confident that I would. Close up, I could see clearly the shape of your p**** through your tights, and the fact that you wore no panties under them.  There was a certain heat emanating from it that I always suspected was present.  When I started to part your legs, you hesitated for a split second before complying.  Once they were open, I placed my mouth over your entire mound.  I took a deep breath and then exhaled the hot air of my lungs through the fabric, sending a rush of warm air through your pubic region.  I felt you slide down further into the recliner, as your legs parted even wider. It was all the invitation I needed.

I reached for the waist band of your tights, and you lifted slightly so I could pull them off.  I could feel the softness of your shapely ass as I worked the tights over it.  The taut thighs, still firm from your years of running track, and the calves which always made any skirt suit you wore look like a million bucks, were still works of art.  You raised both legs straight up in the air, as I removed the tights.  I had never seen you in this position before, but I was hoping it wouldn’t be the last time.

Your perfectly shaped muffin looked liked a vertical smile; clean shaven, and moistened as if you had just applied lip gloss.  And what else can you do with a beautiful smile but kiss it.  I slowly slide my tongue through the crease of your canal, tasting its moisture.  Your lips parted, revealing your pretty pink insides.  Your legs came to rest on my shoulders as you accepted my tongue’s entry.  Your fingers interlaced with mine; a silent acknowledgement that we were about to take our friendship to a different place.

I couldn’t waste another moment.  I’d pondered this for years and knew how good it would be.  My tongue explored areas I had wondered if I’d ever get to.  Your hands squeeze mine, as I teased spots that pleased you.  I listened as your moans got louder.  The slow, rhythmic motion of my tongue going in and out of you, reminded me of a bow playing the strings of a violin, and the music you created was no less incredible.  The blood rushed to your vaginal area, swelling it to the size of a juicy, edible Georgia peach. Your clit peeked from between your lips, yearning to be tended to.  I circled it in a titillating fashion, hoping to pick up further cues of your pleasure.  Your hips increased their movement, suggesting you enjoyed what I had done.  Naturally, I continued on.

The faster I flicked my tongue across your bud, the more you thrust your hips.  My hands were drawn back to your breasts, and I continued to enjoy them thoroughly.  When I began to suck your clit it must have triggered a switch.  Your thighs instantly tightened and your hands grasped my head tightly.  Your legs, still draped over my shoulders, started swinging up and down, as if you were relaxing in an invisible rocking chair.

“Ooohhh, that’s it” you said through clenched teeth.

There was a palpable change in your breathing and the muscles of your stomach twitched involuntarily.  A powerful orgasm was eminent and when it came, it came hard.  You let go of my head and dug your fingernails into the arms of the recliner.  Your now soaked bottom was completely off of the seat, as you pushed your bald box into my mouth as far as you could.  You inhaled through your teeth, creating a hissing sound reminiscent of a snake, trying to take the sensation for as long as you could.  Finally, you went limp, lying back in the chair.  By this time, I was enjoying a mouthful of your essence.

Oh my! To read what happens next and the rest of the stories, click on the Amazon link below. Also let Mental know what you think and or if you have any questions, leave them in the comment section.

Buy link: Amazon


                                                MENTAL ORGASMS BIOGRAPHY

Mental Orgasms is the ‘nom de plume’ that I chose for myself back in 2001 when I began writing erotic short stories for fun on one of the early social networking sites.  I was just starting to pursue my career as a screenwriter.  Writing has always been a part of me, and creating erotic fiction was an entertaining way for me to continue to develop the ability to paint pictures with my words.  At that time, I never once thought about writing a book of erotica.  As a matter of fact many of my early stories went unsaved, except perhaps by the people with whom I shared them.

After relocating to LA in 2005 to further my writing career, I had completely put my ‘erotica hat’ on the proverbial hat rack.  I continued to develop scripts in various genres and fulfilling my creative aspirations.  After a while, I found myself between projects and with no story to focus on my mind began to search for something.  I came across one of the few stories that I had managed to save and my mind began to ponder the possibilities.  At that point, the spark for ‘The First Interlude – A Collection of Erotic Short Stories’ was lit.

There is a wealth of talented writers nowadays, and the Internet provides an incredible means of marketing your work the masses.  I look forward to sharing my contribution to the world of erotic fiction and hope that you enjoy what you read.

In the meantime feel free to keep up with me.

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