Book Spotlight: When You Are Mine by Kennedy Ryan

Hello Romance readers! Happy to welcome author Kennedy Ryan to the blog today to share a sneak peek of her debut novel, When You Are Mine.


Forever is a heartbeat away . . . Kerris Moreton knows how to make things work. Bounced from foster home to foster home as a kid, she adapted; when opportunity arose, she thrived. Now, about to open her own business and accept a marriage proposal, Kerris is ready to build the life she’s always wanted. The only thing missing? A passionate connection with her would-be fiancé, Cam. Kerris wants to believe that sparks are overrated-until Walsh Bennett lights her up like the Fourth of July. . . .

but what about love? As one of the East Coast’s most eligible bachelors, Walsh enjoys financial independence, fulfilling work with his family’s nonprofit, and plenty of female attention. But lately he’s been distracted by the one woman he can’t have. Lovely to look at and even sweeter to know, Kerris is the soul mate Walsh never thought he would find. The problem is, his best friend found her first . . .


Sneak Peak

Kerris couldn’t imagine losing Walsh.

Though the words didn’t leave her mouth, her watery eyes said them. Every fiber of her body screamed them. And she knew Walsh saw them written on her face. Their eyes caught and held until his jaw clenched and her nails cut into her palms. Kerris closed her eyes over the tears sliding down her cheeks. Walsh cupped her face in both hands, rubbing his thumbs over her tears. She leaned deeper into the roughness of his palm. She raised her hand, touching the bruise under his eyes. She watched her touch affect him. Saw him close his eyes and shudder when she ran her fingers gently across the cut on his face. She traced the prominence of his cheekbones and brushed shaking fingers across the firm beauty of his mouth.


His breath on her fingers and her name on his lips made her tremble. She saw it too late. Saw his will to resist topple and fall around them. Before she could say another word, he pulled her thumb into his mouth. Past the knuckle and up to the base of her hand. He feathered kisses across her palm and suckled the pulse that pounded in her wrist, laving the raised daisy-shaped scar with his tongue. He dropped her hand only to reach around to her nape and bring her forehead to rest against his own. He fisted his hand in the luxury of hair spilling across her shoulders and down her back. They were silent, both with eyes closed and every cell, every fiber, fixed on the other.


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Kennedy’s Bio

Kennedy Ryan grew up in North Carolina, but loves living in Atlanta with her husband (tall – check, dark – check – handsome – check), and her handful of a son. Though she knew, like writers often do, that she was supposed to tell stories, the road to fulfillment has been paved with “some of everything” jobs that kept her family eating and living indoors. With her degree in Journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Go Tar Heels!), she has focused on writing for non-profit organizations and even doing some non-fiction ghost writing. Only in the last few years did she start telling stories again.

In addition to being a devoted wife and mom, she’s also a passionate advocate for families living with Autism. Her son was diagnosed at the age of two, and she has made it her mission to help as many families as possible find the resources and services they need. 25% of her royalties will go toward her national charitable partner Talk About Curing Autism and Myles-A-Part, her foundation serving Georgia families.

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