Book Spotlight: For Better and Worse by Stephanie Nicole Norris

Hello everyone! Today author Stephanie Nicole Norris is sharing an excerpt from her latest romantic suspense, For Better and Worse. Happy reading!


aFBAWebookComing out of hibernation, Danielle Shumaker has put behind her the pain and misery she’s caused Victoria and Joshua. Blinded by her selfishness her ultimate goal is still her main one. As far as Danielle’s concerned Joshua belongs to her, always has and always will. No amount of therapy can cure her love addiction and no matter what anyone says she will fight for him, even if she has to kill someone AGAIN.

Wedding bells are in Victoria and Joshua’s future, Victoria is excited to be Mrs. Eubanks. However, when she closes her eyes at night, Greg invades her dreams, the passion and love leaves her wanting more and waking with doubt about her upcoming marriage. How will she get over this man or does she even want to?


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The week went by smoothly for Caroline. She and Mrs. Patrice’s love affair was off with a sizzle. Though women weren’t usually her taste, Caroline couldn’t dismiss the fact that she was lonely and horny. Touching herself would never get old, but it was still lonely. Mrs. Patrice came to her rescue right in time, and every time she visited, Caroline found herself less and less in control of her actions. She had spoken with Greg three times this week. The third time he asked if she’d forgotten about him, because she usually called on a more than regular basis. Looking for a decent answer turned into just plain lying.

“I’ve been resting and taking it easy for the most part,” she told him.

She felt bad for the lies and the affair she was having, but at the same time, she justified it to herself. Greg had cheated on her, right? Sure, she was with Brandon Faragosse, but that was business, mostly. After she hung up with him, she found herself less inclined to call him. She didn’t like the feeling of betrayal that crossed her every time they talked. Caroline didn’t want to feel anything but pleasure, and Mrs. Patrice was supplying all of her needs. What would be the reason to stop what they had started? Unless, of course, she got out of there, but Greg would have to get his mind right. She didn’t want to hear anything else about Victoria. That girl had come into her life and completely ruined Caroline’s whole world, and she would never forgive her for it. She felt nothing but plain jealously and bitterness toward Victoria.

Could she leave her husband for Mrs. Patrice? Caroline laughed at the thought. Surely not. She wasn’t committing to a woman, but while she didn’t have Greg, she would get freaky with her. Caroline knew Mrs. Patrice had done this before. She worked herself like a pro, and Caroline was almost hooked.

Caroline had gotten more love from Mrs. Patrice in the last week than she had received from Greg in the last two years. She was going to give him an ultimatum. Sure, she wanted her marriage, always had, but she was tired of playing this game. Losing her husband meant their relationship had failed. The vows they took before God would meet a sad fate. Maybe that was the problem, she reasoned. Greg and Caroline hadn’t been to church since forever. When they started making more money and the business took off, instead of being husband and wife, it’s like they were business partners.

Caroline and Mrs. Patrice were on another level. Mrs. Patrice still wore her professional hat when that time came. She was good at separating business from pleasure. This is what Greg and Caroline were missing in their marriage.

The door to her room buzzed and opened. It was three o’clock, time for the last session of the day. Mrs. Patrice walked in looking professional with a hint of sexy. What was she trying to do? If sparking an emotional interest in Caroline was her focus, she was barking up the wrong tree. Maybe she should cut their personal relationship off. The last thing she wanted to do was mislead her.

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Author Bio: Stephanie Nicole Norris is an author from Chattanooga, Tennessee with a humble beginning. She, along with her six siblings, was raised by her mother, Jessica Ward. Growing up a lover of reading, Stephanie loved to read books by R.L. Stine. She always had a natural talent for writing and 2010 was the beginning of her journey. In early 2012, her debut novel, “Trouble In Paradise”, was published.

Seven months later, Stephanie released her sophomore title, “Vengeful Intentions”, which is part 2 of “Trouble In Paradise”. September 27, 2014 “For Better and Worse”, part 3 of “Trouble In Paradise” was released, In the works is her first Christian fiction romance, “Catching Bees with Honey”. She has a series of short stories that releases throughout the year called The Lunch Break series. These stories are not continuations of the same story and can be read in your lunch break hour. The Lunch Break series, which features titles like “Wreckless” and “Broken”, can be found on Amazon, Kobo and Barnes and Noble. Stephanie’s words tell stories of love, drama, deception, suspense, and restoration.

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2 thoughts on “Book Spotlight: For Better and Worse by Stephanie Nicole Norris

  1. Hi All,
    Nice interview. It was a pleasure getting to know you, Ms. Norris. I enjoyed the excerpt. I will be sure to check out your novels. And of course I love the fact that your name is Stephanie also……

    • Thanks for stopping by Stephanie Bartely. I love your name too! I’m glad you like the excerpt, you can follow my tour using the website link posted to this blog I am giving away a copy of the book!

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