Book Spotlight: A Scoop of Love by Unonma Nwankwor

Hello romance readers!

Today I’m excited to welcome Christian romance author, Unonma Nwankwor back to my blog to share an excerpt from her latest release, A Scoop of Love. It’s the first book in the Sons of Ishmael series. Happy reading!

abcThe oldest of the Danjuma brothers, Rasheed was a self-made man. He’d learned at an early age that love and commitment brought with it complications he didn’t want to deal with. His single-minded focus had paid off. He was able to step into the shoes of his absentee father by taking care of his mother and twin brothers. But just when he thought he could stop carrying the weight of his family on his shoulders, Rasheed gets a call that could change the trajectory of his life.

Ibiso Jaja, a professional caterer, had gambled on the love of a man and lost. Through the redeeming love of God, she had picked herself up and was now living her dream as the owner of Bisso Bites, a bistro in the heart of Abuja. However circumstances conspire to threaten the bistro and bring her face to face with the type of man she has vowed to avoid. The attraction is instant.

Once again, Rasheed is forced to do something he has done all his life – put the needs of his family ahead of his own. This time however, he crosses path with the sassy, independent, Jesus-loving caterer who is bent on making him see the power of forgiveness and God’s love. Just when Rasheed lets his guard down, a deadly sabotage causes old demons to rise. Will Rasheed continue to pursue power and success or surrender to the light of God’s love?



When he held Ibiso to keep her from falling, the raw magnetic energy between them made her want to run in the opposite direction. Her truck that wouldn’t start this morning was the only reason she was stuck riding with him. She needed to focus on the mission at hand – get back to her restaurant and her client.

“So, do you have a name?” The man’s deep baritone interrupted her thoughts.

His rudeness crushed the fairytales forming in her head. She looked around the car. “Are you talking to me?”

He remained silent. His eyebrow furrowed even more. Whatever was on his mind didn’t excuse his lack of manners and she wasn’t going to take it. Not from someone who should be more than apologetic for the inconvenience he caused her.

“If so, show some manners. In case you don’t remember, you knocked me over. What you should be doing is hoping I don’t lose my client’s business.”

He didn’t say anything. The tension grew thicker.

This man is not used to being challenged. Well, he got the wrong one because I’ve had enough of men like my brother thinking they rule everything.

“I’m sorry. That was rude of me.”

“Now that’s one thing we can agree on.”

He turned to look at her. She lifted her eyebrow to meet his stare. She was not one of his younger brothers. He wasn’t going to intimidate her.

He focused back on the road.

“Let’s try this again. I’m Rasheed Danjuma. And you are?”

“Ibiso Jaja.” She paused. “You’re the Danjuma?”

She noticed a vein on his temple increase in size.

Okay so this one has issues.

“I’m related, but not the Danjuma.”

She waited for a follow-up that never came so she laced her fingers together and gave him directions. She and Rasheed drove to the bistro in absolute silence. It was just as well because she had nothing to say to the arrogant man anyway. It was just a blessing that she listened to her inner spirit and kept enough of the meat pies, scotch eggs and kebabs behind. Before she got there, Amina had arranged everything for her. Ibiso gathered the treats and braced herself for the return fifteen-minute drive. She couldn’t wait to be rid of the sullen man.


By the time Ibiso got back to her apartment later that day, a mixture of fatigue and relief took over her body.

In the end, she was able to make her delivery on time. Very important since the call she got to cater the Alaki Place open house three-day event had been god sent. The real estate company was based in a very influential office district so a good job could lead to more business. Today was just the first day and she couldn’t afford to let anything happen. Their payment brought her closer to her goal.

Ibiso aimed the remote at the stereo and the opening chords of Ledisi’s “Pieces of Me” filled the room. She stretched out on her chaise in the corner of the living room and closed her eyes. The events of the day flooded through her mind but somehow got stuck on one image she wanted to forget—Rasheed Danjuma.

The butterflies that fluttered in her belly at the sound of his voice betrayed her intention to be mad at him. He reminded her of Sodienye, so her attraction to him irked her. Despite his arrogance, he helped her carry her items up to the sixth floor of the building and stayed around until she had set up. She couldn’t help but wonder what made him so upset earlier that afternoon. Her imagination was about to go wild with possibilities, but was interrupted when her phone rang.

“Don’t tell me you were going to go to bed without telling me how things went with the new client.” Boma asked when Ibiso answered the phone. “God is faithful. Just when we thought no new business was in sight, this gig dropped in your lap.”

Ibiso turned off the stereo. “I just got in. I was resting for a moment. You won’t believe the day I had.”

“I’m all ears.”

Ibiso suppressed her laugh. She wedged the phone between her shoulder and ear. She gathered up her shoes and handbag before heading towards her bedroom. She placed the phone on speaker and put it down on her bed as she recounted the day’s event to her friend. Ibiso stepped out of the pool her dress made at her ankles and wrapped herself with her towel. When she was finished with the story, there was silence.

“Hello B, are you there?”

“Yes o. I’m still trying to understand how you casually ran over the fact that this man is a Danjuma.”

“And so? He is rude and arrogant so his name means little to me,” Ibiso said. When she uttered the words, she knew how untrue they were but no need to tell Boma that. Knowing her friend, she would hound her about whether she liked the man or not.

“You don’t know what he was going through. He might not really be like that.”

“Can we get back to my issues please? Like how my truck gave out on me today of all days.”

“I’ve always told you that all things work together for the good. Didn’t God come through? So stop complaining.”


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Author Bio

Unoma Nwankwor is a romantic at heart. Born in Akron, Ohio to Nigerian parents. She spent her childhood and early adulthood years in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria. She is the COO of KevStel Group LLC, a faith based entertainment company aimed at providing uplifting and life changing entertainment through its movies and books.

Unoma is also the published author of An Unexpected Blessing (2013), The Christmas Ultimatum (2013), When You Let Go (May 2014) and A Scoop of Love (Jan. 2015) She has numerous published flash fiction and short stories. Her work has appeared in Africa Book Club, USA Today HEA blog, and the Kenyan Ezine, Wamathai and well as numerous radio shows and blogs. She is currently working on her next novel Anchored by Love.

Her readers are in love with her unique way of telling stories that capture the essence of her present home base; Atlanta, Georgia and her Nigerian culture. Her stories which center on forgiveness, faith and hope have been described as a fusion of faith, romance and African spice.

Unoma resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and two kids.


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