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color of love blog hopHello romance readers and visitors to my website for the Color of Love Blog Hop! I hope everyone had a happy and safe Thanksgiving! I’m excited you’re stopping by to check out my books as well as to win some really cool prizes. If you’re one of my website subscribers who wasn’t aware of the hop come on and join the fun! The other authors and bloggers who are participating are at the bottom of the post. The hop begins today, November 27th and ends December 6th at midnight EST.

One of the prize packs includes an ebook copy of my latest release with Harlequin Kimani Romance, The Sweetest Kiss. Check out the blurb and an excerpt below as well as my own giveaway.




The sweetest kiss finalToo tempting to resist 

Luscious, tantalizing, delectable…and that’s just Tiffani Chase-Lake’s cupcakes. The moment Broderick Hollingsworth sets eyes on the sexy baker herself, he’s truly intrigued. For the first time, the wary real estate developer is ready to open up to someone. Then he realizes that his next business deal is going to leave Tiffani and her cozy bakery high and dry…

Just as hardworking single mom Tiffani is falling for Broderick’s easy charm, she learns about the property deal that will destroy her business. Even her most decadent dessert can’t eclipse the bitter taste of betrayal. Tiffani’s livelihood and her independence are on the line. Walking away from their sensual chemistry won’t be easy—but is trusting him a recipe for heartache?


(Background info: Tiffani has just informed Broderick about her marriage to her late husband. KJ is her son for those who haven’t read the previous books.)

Broderick washed his hands over his face. “I’m sorry the bastard’s dead because of KJ, but I’m glad you’re not in hell anymore. I’m sure your next husband won’t be like that.”

Tiffani shook her head vigorously. “There won’t be a next husband. I’m never getting married again.”

“I don’t blame you one bit, but what about a steady boyfriend?” He rested his hand on his chin.

“Um… I’m kind of open to that or a companion that I can hang out with and go to dinner and events. Perhaps travel, but I wouldn’t call him my boyfriend. That’s so high school. I’d just want to be.”

“Be what?” he asked as his forehead indented.

She laughed. It was the first time she’d spoken her idea out loud. “I know it sounds weird. But I want to just be in the moment, not in a relationship where I can’t make my own decisions and feel as though I’m suffocating. I refuse to be treated the way Keith treated me ever again. Broderick, there were times when I looked in the mirror and I didn’t know who was staring back. I lost my confidence, my voice and my strength during those six years. I lost me. I can’t let another man control and degrade me. I have my son to consider, my peace of mind and my sanity.”

“So this be-in-the-moment relationship? Would it be with more than one dude?”

“Oh no. Definitely no.”

“Would this be an intimate relationship, as well?”

She noted the arrogant rise of his curious smile. “Yes, I would hope so and he’d have to be really great in bed.”

“I see.” He sipped his scotch and studied her with dark, amorous eyes. “Anything else?”

“He’d have to be someone I can confide in and trust. Not someone who would want to know my finances or try to control my life. At the end of the day, I make my own decisions.”

“Go ’head, Janet, or Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty,” he joked. “You call your own shots, beautiful.”

She giggled. “You’re hilarious. I love when you call me beautiful.”

“That’s because you are. Inside and out.”

Truth, seduction and lust were all laced into his words and his stare. She bit her bottom lip and ran her hand slowly along her bare neck, down to her collarbone and across the top of her cleavage as a slight mist of sweat formed on her skin. Her pulse sped up as he licked his bottom lip LL Cool J style, and she realized what she had just done. She silently hoped Broderick would replace her hand with his tongue.

He slid off the desk and snatched her out of the chair by her waist. His lips hesitated over hers as he stared into her eyes and beyond. Tiffani could taste the scent of his scotch and wanted to savor more. Her body quivered in his commanding embrace as raw pleasure journeyed throughout her veins.

* * *

When he lowered his lips an extra half inch to hers, it felt like their first kiss all over again. Broderick explored her appealing mouth slowly. He wanted to become familiar with every crevice of it just in case a while passed before she let him near her again. However, the thought of that caused an intense churn in his stomach, and he delved deeper so she would always crave for him to kiss and caress her. She was radiant, and the moans erupting from her mouth were driving him insane. Pivoting them, he placed her on the desk and gazed at her as he slowly pulled the hem of her skirt up her legs until it reached mid-thigh. Not once did she flinch, blink or protest. Instead, a sinful smile emerged, and she wrapped her long legs around his waist.

“Take off your coat,” she whispered against his lips.

Wasting no time, he followed her demand and flung it to the floor.

Nibbling her bottom lip, he slid a hand on her lacy panties. “Now you have to take off something.” He continued rubbing her in a circular fashion as her breathing became slightly unhinged, but she still didn’t appear unruffled. Instead, she was quite composed, and he was determined to change that soon.

“What do you want me to take off?” Running her hands up his face she kissed him slow and deep, turning her tongue hard around his.

“Everything,” he growled in her mouth.

“Just one item. I’ll even let you pick.”

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To enter my giveaway of a $10.00 Amazon giftcard simply tell me in the comment section why do you love to read romance novels. (Must be a subscriber to my website) I’ll announce the winner December 7th in the comment section and will email the winner. (You don’t need to leave your email address)



Here’s what’s up for grabs!

Prizes Gift Cards E-books
1st Prize $75 6
2nd Prize $50 5
3rd Prize $30 5
4th Prize $15 5
5th Prize $10 5
6th Prize $5 5


Here’s how to enter: Rafflecopter (Scroll to the bottom of the Rafflecopter page)


Below is the list of authors and bloggers participating in the hop! Happy hopping!


1. Love Bites and Silk 18. Lea Bronsen’s Crazy Nights 35. Joyfully Reviewed
2. Kiru Taye, Author (INT) 19. Sharon C. Cooper 36. Natasha Blackthorne
3. Nana Prah 20. Sharita Lira 37. Rhonda Jackson Joseph
4. Empi Baryeh, Author 21. V.S. Morgan 38. Chanta Rand on Reviews By Crystal
5. Brazen Babe Reviews 22. Kim Golden 39. allyn lesley
6. Sexy Romance Novels 23. Monlatable Book Reviews 40. Wren Michaels
7. Raven McAllan 24. Musings Of A Romance Junkie 41. Mina Khan
8. Georgia Lyn Hunter 25. CoCo 42. Sasha Knight
9. Lily Harlem 26. Sydney Aaliyah Michelle 43. Reana Malori
10. Lucy Felthouse 27. Ines Johnson 44. Roxy Wilson
11. Laurel Cremant 28. Told Ya’ So 45. Ambrielle Kirk
12. Kenya Wright 29. LaVerne Thompson 46. G.L Tomas
13. In The Pages of a Good Book 30. Dariel Raye 47. Rebellious Cupid Book Reviews
14. LENA HART 31. Ocean 48. august threee
15. Candace Shaw 32. L. Penelope 49. G.E. Taylor
16. Courtney Sheets 33. Elle Wright 50. J.L. Campbell
17. Bookswagger 34. Kathy Bosman

27 thoughts on “Color of Love Blog Hop

  1. I love to read romance novels because I’m a sucker for the happily ever after ending. I love how couple builds their relationship with all of the ups and downs that ends in love.

  2. The reason I love reading romance novels is because I’m a romantic at heart and I get to explore another world of love, mystery and happy endings.

  3. I love reading romance novels/books bc it is a stress free and mind clear for me after a long day of work…ooh yea i love the happy ending s! 🙂

  4. I have read romance novels every since I found Harlequin novels and Barbara Cartland at the library for free as a young teenager! I took tons of them home and read through the night. I was hooked on the HEA. I also loved how I could visit many different locations through the eyes of the authors. I eventually moved on from Barbara Cartland to more realistic modern day themes.

    All in all I like being immersed and engaged in the story. I love imaging myself in situations. I love watching the love dance unfold to the HEA. That’s the fun part for me.

    Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

    Belinda G

  5. Thanks for joining the Color of Love Blog Hop Candace. I bought The Sweetest Kiss when it first came out because of that delicious cover. But then I realized I needed to read the first book in the series too, so I purchased The Perfect Candidate (enjoyed it). So then I had to go for Journey to Seduction which I can’t wait to read. See what kind of domino affect you’ve set off?

  6. I love reading romance because it gives me a chance to dive into my fantasy world, sit back and relax and enjoy all of the happiness. I love reading about about the wealthy fine men and women and most definitely would love to one of the fine, loving wealthy men to myself.

  7. I love reading stories that I know will end happily, that give me a chance to escape from the challenges and sadness of the real world! Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. I enjoy reading romance novels about how the character’s meet, they have the ups and downs trying to decide their feelings for each other before they are finally admit to actually being in love and the happily ever after.

  9. I love to read them because of the many ways and scenario’s to fall in love and the trials they sometimes have to go through.

  10. I am a true “bookie”, I can put away 2-3 books a week if its good!! I adore romance novels because it shows me that love concerns all !! No matter how stressful my day has been, if I pick up a good romance novel, it takes all the stress away just like Calgon!!

  11. I haven’t read you yet, but I love the excerpt, so I will be trying this one.

    Why do I read romance? I love love. I like to see people find the perfect person for them – even if they are figments of someone’s imagination.

  12. I love romance books because when I’m reading a romance books or books it takes you through these adventures that the Love in the books takes me through. It shows us that second chances at love are real and is possible.

  13. I love reading romance books to read about how couples meet and begin their relationship I also love reading about their interactions after a heavy dose of love making😁😁😁(I am a total romantic at heart) and of course I love the happy ever after especially when there is an epilogue e.g be it a wedding , a pregnancy or the honeymoon. Donna

  14. I love reading romance because I like to see how a couple meet,, develop a relationship and take that journey to happy ever after.

  15. I love reading romance novels because I like happy endings. It’s a way for me to escape, for a moment, from the cruelty of the world today. Also a good romance novel helps me to forget about chronic pain. 😊

  16. the romance can take your imagination to far a way place and then you can dream wow would that be me one day or can i live there in there area i live in Mansfield mo Laura in gall wilder and the peole that live here are now way like she escribe in her book form this area

  17. I have been in love reading romance novels since I was 15 years old. Just reading about how the men treat and respect their women along with sometimes having to prove their love for them is simply amazing. Reading romance novels completely relaxes me because I can truly get lost in the story.

  18. Romance novels are my favorite genre. I love seeing couples who have unconditional love and respect for each other. When you find that special that you can’t live without.

  19. Romance novels are my release from real life. I can escape into someone elses world and be swooned. I love watching the romance blossom, hearts being ripped out and ultimately the HEA.

  20. I like the physical and emotional intimacy in romance. It’s wonderfully fulfilling reading about characters from all walks of life finding (or forging) a certain kind of connection they want to hold on to for the rest of their lives.

  21. I love reading romance because I love falling in love with the characters and I’m rooting for them to get their happy endings.

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