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  3. I absolutely loved “only one for me”, there’s something about reacquainted love that makes a awesome story full of emotions and romance…..please tell me your going to continue a story for Cannon’s twin sister I know that one is going to be great

    • Hello Rose! Thank you for stopping by. So glad you enjoyed Cannon and Yasmine’s love story. If you haven’t read the free short story Simply Amazing yet, that’s how they meet. It’s in the back of Only One for Me or you can download from Amazon or my website.

      I’m currently working on Raven’s book and it picks up where Cannon’s story ended. Have a great week and stay warm!

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  4. Hey Ms.Shaw, absolutely LLLOOOVVVEEEDDD the Arrington series!!! Absolutely amazing. Just wanted to know if Brooklyn (Rasheed’s sister) and Derek (Justin and Rasheed’s best friend) will have stories as of their own? If so when?

    • Hi Joey! So glad you enjoyed the Arrington’s. Brooklyn and Derek will eventually have books but I don’t have a date right now. The series I’m working on now is the Chasing Love series. Make sure to check out their books as well. They are the first cousins to the Arringtons. Have a blessed week!

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