Scavenger Hunt: Do You Want to be a Character in My Next Book?

I’ve decided to tackle a short story.  I’m used to writing full-length novels, so this is a challenge for me. I’m looking for a female character (sorry men) for the prequel—currently untitled— for the next book in the Arrington Family Series, Only One for Me.

The first person to email me the answers to the questions below, will be a character in the prequel as well as the official third novel in the Arrington Family series. I’ll post one  chapter a week of the prequel on my website starting in late November/early December 2012, and eventually have it for free on sites such as Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and All Romance eBooks. Stay tuned for updates.

Scavenger Hunt Rules

1. You must be a subscriber to my website.

2. You can’t currently be a character in someone else’s book.

3. You can’t be a friend or relative of mine.

The answers for the scavenger hunt questions can be found in the virtual tour stops from this week, my website, and the books Cooking Up Love and The Game of Seduction.

Once you’re done, email me the answers to by Friday, September 21st , 11:59 pm EST.  The first person to respond with the correct answers wins. I’ll announce the winner of the scavenger hunt along with the answers and the 2 winners of the Amazon gift cards from my virtual tour on my website on September 22nd.

Good luck ladies!


1. In my first book, Cooking Up Love, how did Shelbi and Justin meet?

2.  What are the names of the Arrington siblings and the type of doctor he/she is?

3. What are two things I named on my bucket list? (Hint there’s five of them)

4. I’ve mentioned lately that I’m working on a spin-off of the Arrington Family series. What’s the name of the new series and who’s the first heroine?

5. How did Bria and Rasheed meet?

6. What object did Justin focus on while Shelbi stitched his finger?

7. What person that is very special to me is from Memphis, Tennessee?

8.  What career did I have before I was a writer?

9.  How many siblings do I have?

10. What is the name of Justin’s restaurant in Cooking Up Love?

11. What kind of dog do I own?

12. In The Game of Seduction, what items does Bria use to seduce Rasheed when he returns home from Charlotte, North Carolina?

13. Where did I get the surname “Arrington” from?

3 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt: Do You Want to be a Character in My Next Book?

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  2. Wooo that was a lot of work BUT I had fun doing it. Thanks for giving your readers this chance to be in one of your books..

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