Steamy Excerpt from The Game of Seduction

Well, I couldn’t title a book The Game of Seduction without some seduction games. The following excerpt is defintely rated R, so if you’re under 18, do not proceed any further or if the little ones are near and like to peek over your shoulder, read it later.



Rasheed leaned against the wall in the VIP section sipping on rum and Coke and trying hard not to stare at Bria. Her short black dress was hugging her lethal curves, and he wanted to take it off and wrap her cocoa legs around his waist while she called out his name repeatedly. He tried to pretend to flirt with the groupies passing by, but they weren’t doing anything for him. Bria had awakened a passion and lust in him that he couldn’t ever remember feeling before. Her long hair fell over her right shoulder in a sexy manner, and he imagined running his hands through it or holding onto to it as he gave it to her from behind. The night before, he couldn’t sleep. The thought that she actually needed and wanted her flames of desire extinguished, prevented him from resting peacefully and filled his mind. Images of her naked mocha-kissed body next to him invaded his brain all night, and the erection that prevailed only went away after a cold shower.

Rasheed downed the rest of his drink, sat the glass on the table, and walked over to her as she held a conversation with Raven.

“Excuse me, ladies. Bree, do you wanna go dance?”

“Sure.” Bria excused herself from Raven and walked onto the dance floor.

The DJ was playing an upbeat party mix that included Lady Ga Ga, Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Rihanna. Rasheed danced behind Bria, grinding on her to the fast beat. He was surprised she hadn’t resisted, especially when he pulled her by the hips close to him and a hard-on started to manifest, but she continued dancing, swishing her butt on him in an erotic manner as if they were naked and joined together. When Rihanna’s “Rude Boy” came on, she turned around to face him and sung the entire song as she continued her seductive dance on him.

He bent down and whispered in her ear.

“You keep doing that, you’ll find out how rude this boy is. Because trust me, baby, I’m more than big enough, but the question is, can you take it?” He gave her a slow grind so she could feel exactly how hard he was.

She looked up at him from beneath her lashes with a sexy, confident expression on her face.

“I can handle all of you.” She caressed the back of his neck, and he knew it was time to go before he pulled up her dress on the dance floor.

“Let’s get out of here,” he groaned as his erection hardened more by her confident words.

Once in the limo, Bria straddled his lap and her dress rose around her hips to reveal a pair of black lace panties. His lips sought out hers, and he kissed her slow, nibbling on her bottom lip.

“I’ve been aching to kiss you again, Bree,” he said. He pulled her tongue further into his mouth, savoring the sweetness of it and feeling himself completely losing his mind. “You have the sexiest lips that I can’t get enough of.”

She answered him with a sensual moan which caused him to kiss her even deeper as he ran his fingers through her flowing hair. Her hips gyrated slowly on his hard erection through his pants. He slid one hand down to her panties, pushed them to the side, and inserted a finger into her.

She threw her head back and held onto to him tightly around his neck. He planted kisses on her throat while darting his finger in and out of her. The more he did so, the wetter she became, turning him on even further.

“Why are you so wet, Bree?” he whispered roughly in her ear, kissing it in the process.

A sigh was her answer.

He groaned at how good her body felt against him, her hands cupping his head and her passionate moans in his ear. He realized she’d already seduced him in a way that had nothing to do with sex. She was beginning to have full control over his heart and mind. She stirred his emotions in ways he didn’t have words for yet, but for now, he wanted to please her and hear more of her breathless moans that he had provoked.

“Did I do it, baby? Huh? Am I the one making you so damn wet?” He slipped another finger in, pumping them both fast in and out of her slick canal.

“Yes!” she cried out.

“Who?” He looked deep into her eyes.


“What’s my name, Bria?”

“Rasheed.” Her voice was breathless, and she squeezed his shoulders tight. She buried her head in his chest as she bounced up and down on his fingers. He was ready to flip her over, unzip his pants, and place all of his hard length inside of her.

“Who’s making you feel so good?”

“You are, Rasheed.”

“That’s right, baby, I am. No other man has ever made you feel like this and no other man ever will. You hear me?”

“Yes. Mmm … that feels so good, Rasheed. I need to have you inside me right now.”

“Be patient. We’re almost there.”

“Please, Rasheed. I have a condom in my purse.” She began to unzip his pants.

“What kind is it?”

“I don’t know. Just a condom I got out of the machine in the ladies room at the club.”

“Baby, I doubt that thing will fit half of what I got in my boxers. Be patient.” He glanced out of the window. “Besides, the limo is pulling into my driveway now.”

“Oh!” Bria hopped off of his lap and straightened her dress.

A few moments later, the driver opened the door. Bria stepped out and walked quickly to the porch.

“Thanks, man. Here’s a little something extra for you having to work on New Year’s Eve.” Rasheed handed the driver an envelope. “Thank you for getting us home safe.”

“No problem, Mr. Vincent. Have a Happy New Year.” The driver gave a wink.

“Oh I will. Believe me, I will.”


Bria stood on the front porch all in a frenzy waiting for him to finish speaking with the driver. Rasheed had set her on fire in the limo, and she knew it wasn’t because she hadn’t had sex in a while. It was him, Rasheed Vincent, turning her out like a teenaged, sex-crazed girl who had just lost her virginity and couldn’t get enough of the guy who took it.

She leaned on the front door to steady herself. The limo pulled away, and Rasheed strode up the steps. His eyes were dark and seemed almost possessed as they raked her body with a fierceness that drove tingles through her. He closed the gap between them and in one swoop lifted her up on his hard body. She wrapped her legs around his torso and cupped her hands around his bald head.

“I can’t wait to get inside,” he whispered before claiming her lips with a wild kiss. Her emotions of lust were running high, making her temperature rise. She was about to break out into a sweat even though it was thirty degrees outside.

“You mean the house or me?”


“Where are the keys?”

“The house key is in my pants’ pocket, and the key for you is in my silk boxers.”

She chuckled. “Okay, well, we have to get into the house first.”

“Reach into my left pocket.”

She moved her hand down to his pocket, but instead of finding his keys she stumbled upon a very hard erection. It was long and hard as brick. It hardened even more in response to her touch. He was right. The condom she bought at the club was a regular-sized one and wouldn’t even fit on what she was feeling.

“Wrong key, Bree,” he teased.

“Oh yeah.” She rummaged around until she felt his key ring, pulled it out, and handed it to him.

“Are you going to put me down first?”

“I’ll put you down when I get you to the bed.” He kissed her softly, letting his lips linger on hers. “Besides, I can bench press twice your weight. Hold on tight.”

He opened the door, turned off the alarm and closed the door back while she still held onto him. She shivered with anticipation as he carried her up the stairs to his bedroom. His eyes never left her face. They held an expression she hadn’t seen ever before from him, and it shook her to the core. Intense. Sexual. Animalistic. She almost feared him but not in the true sense of the word. She was scared that once she slept with Rasheed, she would fall for him more than she already had.


He laid her down onto the soft comforter and stretched his long body next to hers. With his head over hers, he stared deeply into her eyes as he tenderly caressed her cheek with his hand. Every fiber in her body was awake as he ran his hand down the length of her body, each touch sending excitement through her veins. She shuddered as he dragged his lips across her cheek and gently kissed the side of her mouth. She was in awe over his tender handling of her, and she turned her mouth to his, tasting the sweet essence of his lips that stroked hers with an intensity she’d never experienced before. Her hands rested on either side of his bald head as he continued ravishing her lips with his as soft moans—which she had no control over—escaped her mouth. He moved on top of her pulling her legs up and wrapping them around his waist.

She closed her eyes so she could better feel his touch on her lips. His kiss deepened as his mouth tasted and pulled on her lips making them swollen. He was kissing her as if she was all his, as if he was taking possession over her which turned her on even more. The moistness between her legs became even slicker as she felt his erection rub against her panties. She met his kisses with more vigor and hunger. The power he had over her was causing her to lose her mind and heart to him with each caress of his lips.

“I wanted you so bad, Bree,” he said in an intoxicating tone. “I promise to show you just how much.”

The passion which erupted in her veins charged through at the intensity of his words. She grasped his shoulders tight to hold onto the roller coaster ride he had her on. When he pulled away from her, she let out a wounded cry.

“Don’t worry, baby. I’m nowhere near done. Just taking off this damn tuxedo jacket.” He tossed it to the floor, ripped off his bow tie and sent it flying somewhere across the bedroom.

She sat up and met him, both standing on their knees in the bed. He tossed the pillow shams aside and pulled the comforter to expose the sheets. His lips sought hers once more, claiming power over them and her heart, which was racing with raw pleasure.

“What are you doing to me, Bree?” he asked in an aroused tone as he planted kisses on her neck. “I’ve wanted to taste your beautiful, succulent lips again since the day of the wedding. I can’t sleep without thinking about kissing you and hearing your soft moans as I make love to you.”

“Oh, Rasheed. Please don’t stop,” she moaned.

“I don’t intend to.” His tongue probed into her mouth as he pushed her back on the bed, her legs straddling around his waist once more. “I want to satisfy you in every way possible. I want to know every inch of your body. I want to know where all of your hot spots are and find the ones that never existed until I provoked them, making them mine. Do you hear me, Bree?”

“Yes,” she managed to stumble out.

The grandfather clock in his bedroom struck midnight. They both turned their attention to the clock and then back to each other.

“You know they say what you’re doing at midnight is what you’ll be doing for the rest of the year,” Rasheed said looking down at her with such an intense expression that her right leg began to shake uncontrollable. That only happened when she was nervous. The thought of making love with Rasheed for the rest of the year was mind-boggling.

He claimed her lips once more, feasting on her mouth, licking and nibbling her lips as if he’d caught his prey and couldn’t get enough to please his appetite. There wasn’t a part of her mouth he hadn’t touched, and her kisses matched his with the same hunger and need.

“Wait right here.” He got up, reached into the drawer next to the bed and grabbed a handful of condoms. He then dragged the comforter off of the bed taking two of the pillow shams with him. She watched as he kneeled down with the items in front of the fireplace, spreading the comforter on the floor and tossing the pillows on top. He pressed the button on the remote to turn the fire back on.

“Come to me, Bria.” His tone was dark and sexy. Sinful. Passionate. She obeyed and walked over to him slowly as he began to unbutton his shirt. As he undid each button, her heart raced faster as his dark chocolate flesh was exposed, taunting her with his smooth muscles. He threw the shirt on the floor and started to unzip his pants. He tossed his shoes off and pulled down his pants along with his silk boxers to expose the monster of the hard erection she’d felt through his clothes. She stopped dead in her tracks for a second as she realized where all of it was going.

“Don’t worry, baby. You can handle it. I’ll make sure.”

She continued walking until she stood directly in front of him. She glided her hands down his chest to his abs and stopped just below his belly button.

“Take off your dress,” he said in the same tone as before that made her blood boil.

She pulled down the side zipper, slid the dress over her curves and stepped out of it along with her shoes. He stepped back and ran his eyes over her body from head to toe. She could feel the heat and passion of his eyes sweep over her and an inferno erupted through every cell of her body.

“You are simply beautiful, Bree,” he whispered in a lust-filled tone.

Copyrighted by Candace Shaw, August 2012

I hope you enjoyed the steamy excerpt. Buy links below to find out how Rasheed and Bria’s love story ends!

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  1. Ok Candace that was a hot, classy excerpt! I luved it. Bria and Rasheed…oh yeah! Now I got to go buy the damn book to see what happens. Good job Candace…you hooked me! 🙂


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