Snippet of Only One for Me

I’ve been tagged several times lately for the 777 challenge by my wonderful author friends, but I hadn’t shared anything because this latest WIP is kicking my butt. I’ve deleted and started over so many times its not even funny. But it’s starting to come together and that’s a wonderful feeling. My girl, author Libra Rajani has just tagged me, so I’m going to share 7 lines of page 7 of my manuscript Only One for Me which will be out summer 2013. This is a rough draft/unedited version… so knowing me it could change.
Only One for Me is the book that goes with the short, free story, Simply Amazing. The book takes place 12 years later.
Only One for Me Book cover 400x617

“Because I’m in New York, there are some things with the planning process that I can’t do even though my mom just secured a wedding coordinator in Memphis, but I need someone there I trust, and I trust you.”

“Of course I will,” Yasmine said as she placed her plate on the table. “Lucky for you my consulting contract with the school system doesn’t end until the end of June, so I’ll be here. Just email me the information and a laundry list of things, and I’ll get on it.”

“Perfect. Doug has asked his best man to help with some things like the tuxedos and what not.”

At the mention of the best man, Yasmine’s heart dropped and the food on her plate no longer looked appetizing. She took a sip of her wine before asking the dreaded question.

“Who’s the best man?”

I hope you enjoyed the snippet. I’ve already tagged the following 7 authors on Facebook. Delaney Diamond, Author Sharon C. Cooper, Alicia McCalla, Chicki Brown, W Lynn Chantale, TT Dorsett and Reshemah Wright.
Have a great day!

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