I’m Giving Away My Conference Bag and Goodies Again!

Hello romance readers! I hope you’ve had an awesome summer! I had the pleasure of attending my first Romance Writers of America Conference a few weeks ago in San Antonio, Texas! I had a wonderful time meeting authors I’ve admired over the years and learned lots of information at the numerous workshops I attended. I also had tons of fun and brought home a lot of books. Therefore, I’m giving away some of them along with my conference bag. All you have to do is tell me in the comment section your favorite scene in any one of my booksThe giveaway ends Sunday, August 17th at midnight EST. I’ll select a winner on Monday morning and will email the lucky reader. **You must be a follower of my website.

**UPDATE: I’m also giving away 2 $5.00 Amazon gift cards.

**UPDATE: The winners are…Meisha is the winner of the RWA bag and books.  Also congrats to Shone Green and LI for winning the $5.00 ecards from Amazon. I just sent out the emails. (8/18/2014)

Below is the bag and the books. There’s a mixture of all romance genres. Some of the books are autographed by the authors. I’m also including a signed copy of my latest release, Her Perfect Candidate. Its the first book in the Chasing Love series. Also I’ve included a few pictures from the conference. Have a wonderful week!

giveaway rwa


Preparing for the Readers for Life Literacy Book Signing. Over $53,000 was raised that day!

Preparing for the Readers for Life Literacy Book Signing. Over $53,000 was raised that day!


My first photo-bomb ever by author Sally Kilpatrick at the Harlequin book signing. I was sitting next to Brenda Jackson. I promise I didn't scream until afterwards!

My first photo-bomb ever by author Sally Kilpatrick at the Harlequin book signing. I was sitting next to Brenda Jackson. I promise I didn’t scream until afterwards! Sitting next to Ms. Jackson was such an honor!


HQ Pajama party

Hanging with authors Rachel Call (love her ponytail), Sheryl Lister and Farrah Rochon at the Harlequin Pajama Party. (No I didn’t wear pajamas)

harlequin party

Harlequin Party with Authors Sharon C. Cooper, me, Monica Richardson, Farrah Rochon and Sheryl Lister. Had a blast!



15 thoughts on “I’m Giving Away My Conference Bag and Goodies Again!

  1. One of my favorite scenes is in The Game of Seduction when Rasheed and Bria were dancing to Rihanna’s song “Rude Boy.” That scene was so erotic! And then the limo ride…whew. super HOT.

  2. My favorite scene comes from, The Perfect Candidate, comes from the first chapter. When Megan had a flat tire. Senator Steven stop to help her and she didn’t realize who he was. But the chemistry was there from the very beginning. You could feel it. She couldn’t get her words together. He made forget simple things just from the first meeting.

  3. In Cooking Up Love, I loved when Shelbi and Jay met at Lillian’s. He gave her a spoon with caramel sauce and asked her to taste it. That’s when she realized Jay was the Justin she met on the trolley. Sexual sparks flew all over the place! I really like 1st meetings. Priceless!…
    Cooking Up Love is still one of my favorite books.

    Looks like the conference was fun! Thanks for sharing.

    Belinda G

  4. My favorite scene is from The Prefect Candidate ,it was the scene were Megan and Steven was on the telephone get know each other better. Megan was trying to play the serious card,however Steve on the hand was playing the flirting card. I thought that scene cut yet grow sexy especially when Megan said she like girlie drinks Sex on the Beach and in response Steven asked by if she like having sex on the beach because also like it and not the drink either.

  5. Dang gone it Candace whyyyyyy are you doing this to me???? I have soooooo many FAVORITE scenes from all your books but I think I’m going to choose my scene from The Game Of Seduction. It is the entire encounter when Bria accused Rasheed of cheating on her with Cindy at the restaurant and then finding out it was all just a big misunderstanding and then when he presented her with the bracelet his father gave his mother on there wedding day. That entire scene had me at a loss for words and a bit teary eyed!! What he did with that bracelet was so sweet. Him wearing the original diamond in his ear and then having his sister Brooklyn some earrings made out of the emeralds and then giving Bria the actual bracelet… OMG I could go on and on about this entire scene….lol

  6. The Prescription for Desire

    The scene when Armand made all Raven dreams come true. Not only did he ask her to marry him but he gave her the one thing she wanted most of all. To be a Mother. One of the best feelings of unconditionally love. The fact that she found love again but also it came with a loving family. Love all your books but this scene touched my heart.

  7. My favorite scene comes from, The Perfect Candidate, when Megan saw Senator Steven across the room at the fundraiser, the look. The little flirting that got her in the newspaper.

  8. My favorite scene from Cooking Up Love was the during the organization party with Shelbi and Jay talking in the kitchen. I loved that despite them being in love, the issue of who her father was and her potential occupation wasn’t just brushed over. Too often I read scenes where the author just brushes over the conflict with a huge bandaid of love. I loved that he needed time and more information to begin his healing and acceptance of her and the family!

  9. My favorite scene is from the book Cooking Up Love. When I read this scene I got goosebumps and came close to tears. The scene was when Justin and his grandmother were in the car and he found out the truth about what really happened with his mother and that he had a hand in naming Shelbi.

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