Chapter one of ONLY YOU FOR CHRISTMAS is now Available

Only You for Christmas coverHello romance readers!

I was so excited when I woke up this morning at three o clock, grabbed my Kindle off the nightstand and refreshed the Harlequin website only to see Only You for Christmas available. Then I couldn’t fall back to sleep for another hour. I’m always nervous and on pins and needles the night before a release. I just hope this doesn’t happen for the next seven Sundays! LOL! However, I was more so nervous because I hadn’t seen the cover yet. My breath was taken away when I saw how beautiful it was and how well it goes with the novella!

So if you haven’t had a chance to read my last blog post, Only You for Christmas is a short FREE read on Harlequin’s website. Its one chapter every Monday beginning today and ending on December 29th. I’ll remind you guys every Monday morning! Its apart of the Chasing Love series. Also I had a giveaway on the last blog post and Jackie Roberts is the winner of the $10.00 Starbucks giftcard and the Charlie Brown Christmas CD!

Okay so enough of my ramblings. Simply click the cover to take you to chapter one of Only You for Christmas! I’m going back into hibernation! Its deadline hell month for me!

Have a fantastic week!



7 thoughts on “Chapter one of ONLY YOU FOR CHRISTMAS is now Available

  1. Hi Ms. Shaw,

    Love the cover. I’m on my way to Harlequin to read chapter one now. Thanks for the post letting us know it is available. Congrats to you, and Kudos to you.

      • Hi Ms. Shaw,

        Oh, I enjoyed that very much. I love the way each character in your books are intertwined with each other. Although I know the Arrington series has ended, I feel like bit still continues. I know I have to patiently await each Monday, but it will be hard. There was no space to comment on the chapter, do you know if Harlequin will set that up as they did with other live free reads, so the readers can discuss each chapter if they want to? Kudos to you, a job well done……

    • Hi Stephanie! So glad you enjoyed it! Not sure if you read it on your cell phone or computer but the comment section seems to only be open on my computer. There’s two comments now. On my cell phone it was in mobile screen and there’s no place for comments. Are you on your cell perhaps?

      • Yes, I think that is it. I read it on my e-reader and it register as a mobile device. I’ll read the other chapters on the computer so I can comment. Thanks for the response…..

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