Prescription for Desire is Available in Paperback

Hello romance readers!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer! During the summer months I tend to relax with my husband who is a teacher, but I’m writing almost daily because I have a deadline with Kimani Harlequin in a few months.  I just wanted to let you know that Prescription for Desire, the 4th book in the Arrington family series, is now available in paperback format. My Kind of Girl will be in paperback by next week. It was supposed to be today but there was a small issue when I received the proof copy. I’ll send a short post as soon as its available. I know quite of few of you have sent emails requesting the books in print so I hope I made your day! Below is the link for the print book as well as the ebook format just in case you haven’t read Raven and Armand’s love story yet!



Prescription for Desire bookcover final2Since the death of her husband three years ago, Dr. Raven Arrington has found herself in the same mundane routine. Needing a change of scenery, she escapes to a little town outside of Buenos Aries to temporarily work at a medical facility. Raven didn’t realize what prescription for medicine she needed until she meets Chief of Staff, Dr. Armand Phillips. With just the right dose of desire, the gray-eyed, sinfully suave doctor awakens a part of her she’d suppressed.

Armand knows having a fling with a co-worker is a prescription for trouble, but the older, sophisticated doctor is like no other woman he’s met. He’s used to no responsibilities outside of his career and loves his freedom to travel wherever needed. However, Armand is willing to sacrifice it all in order to make Raven his-despite her reservations-and to give her what she wants more than anything.

Prescription for Desire is the fourth book in the Arrington Family Series.

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