The Sweetest Kiss: Goodreads Giveaway!!

Hello romance readers!

I’ve been stuck in the editing cave for so long that I’d forgotten to share with you that my paperback copies of The Sweetest Kiss arrived last week. So that means giveaway time! I’m giving away three autographed copies on Goodreads. So go on over and sign up. (see the link under the picture) I’m also going to do another giveaway except it will be for website subscribers only and will include more than just the book! Stay tuned.

I’m heading back to my edits. Deadline at the end of the month for the 4th book in the Chasing Love series, His Loving Caress.

Take care my loves!


The Sweestest Kiss paperbacks


Goodreads Giveaway

Official Release Date: November 1st

Paperback Release Date: October 20th

Harlequin website: October 1st

Too tempting to resist 

Luscious, tantalizing, delectable…and that’s just Tiffani Chase-Lake’s cupcakes. The moment Broderick Hollingsworth sets eyes on the sexy baker herself, he’s truly intrigued. For the first time, the wary real estate developer is ready to open up to someone. Then he realizes that his next business deal is going to leave Tiffani and her cozy bakery high and dry…

Just as hardworking single mom Tiffani is falling for Broderick’s easy charm, she learns about the property deal that will destroy her business. Even her most decadent dessert can’t eclipse the bitter taste of betrayal. Tiffani’s livelihood and her independence are on the line. Walking away from their sensual chemistry won’t be easy—but is trusting him a recipe for heartache?

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