Journey to Seduction was Nominated for an Award

Hello romance readers!

Journey to Seduction Front Cover OnlyThis past weekend I attended the Reader Warrior’s Retreat sponsored by Building Relationships Around Books online book club held in Las Vegas. It was wonderful to meet readers and authors I’d met on social media as well as seeing the ones I’ve met before again. I had a blast, plus I was nominated for an award! How cool is that especially considering the array of awesome authors who were also nominated, I’m just elated to be a part of it. I was nominated for Couple of the Year: Sydney Chase and Bryce Monroe from Journey to Seduction.

Voting is now available and ends on October 22, 2015. You can only vote once. Please don’t vote again because all of your votes will be voided.

Here’s the link:

Have a blessed week and thank you for reading my books!


Candace Shaw

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