A Teaser from His Loving Caress

Hi romance readers!

As promised, here’s another excerpt from His Loving Caress which officially releases on June 1st but its available now on Harlequin’s website only at this time in print and ebook. The paperback will be available in bookstores on May 24th. I received my first review for the book about a month ago from RT Reviews. I rarely write second-chance romance so I was nervous but pleasantly relieved and even laughed at the last sentence.

“The past and present are skillfully given equal billing in Shaw’s latest. The emotional connection between the characters pours from the pages with every gut-wrenching, honest conversation. The love scenes in this Chasing Love offering will make readers squirm in their seats.” RT Reviews

 So I’m assuming readers squirming in their seats is a good thing. Right? LOL! Below is the teaser and buy links.

Happy reading!



His Loving Caress final coverHearts in harmony? 

Instead of falling apart when her childhood sweetheart chose his music career over marriage, Elle Lauren fled to Paris to study fashion design. Her stunning wedding gowns now give other brides the happily-ever-after she didn’t have. Ignoring Braxton Chase’s long-distance apologies has been easy. But seeing him once more stirs the deep longings and desires that a decade has not erased.

Braxton walked away from the pressure to marry at a young age, and he’s regretted breaking Elle’s heart ever since. From the moment he sees her again at his Atlanta jazz club, he knows he wants more than forgiveness—he wants a second chance at the heart-and-soul connection that they once had. Can he convince her to trust the sweet, seductive melody of their lost love?



Sauntering out into the great room, Elle found Braxton performing an unfamiliar yet alluring song that was perfect for the seduction she was about to bestow on him. Approaching him, she slid her hands on his shoulders and planted a tender kiss on his neck. He stopped playing and grabbed her to him, causing her to laugh out loud. Straddling his lap, she wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs encircled his waist.

“Hey, handsome.”

“I knew you were there.”

She titled her head. “How? I tiptoed in here, plus you were playing and humming. You were in your own musical world.”

“Your scent. It’s an aphrodisiac for me but you’re early. I still have about thirty minutes left to play.” His eyes perused over her ensemble as he ran his tongue over his bottom lip. “Not that I’m complaining about you stopping me. Damn, you’re sexy.”

Taking his hands from her butt, she placed them back on the keys. “Then play while I play.”

Before Braxton could protest, she crashed her lips on his, twirling her tongue hard and slow as a guttural moan unleashed from his throat.

“You were saying, Maestro?” she asked through hazy eyes as his were practically closed.

“What do you want to hear?” He kissed her deep, dragging his tongue along her mouth and gently tugging her lips as his hand went the entire length of the piano.

“Whatever you feel,” she replied in a sultry tone. “You’re master of the keys.”

He proceeded to play an unfamiliar, yet sensual, seductive tune as Elle lowered her lips back to his. The touch was gentle at first, as she relished in his warmth, sliding her tongue inside his mouth to find his eagerly responding. He returned the kiss with the same unhurried, invigorating cadence that matched what he played. Her eyes fluttered shut as she moved her hands to his face, pulling him deeper into her as their kisses and the melody he played intensified. She broke her lips away from his and placed them on his neck, teasing and taunting him as he stumbled a few times on the keys. He released a few curse words especially when she began to gyrate on the erection she could feel throbbing through the material that was in the way. Moving a hand down, she unzipped his pants and put her fingers inside the opening of his boxer shorts. Stroking her hand strongly up and down the hard length of him, she settled her lips over his but didn’t kiss him as they gazed at each other intently. His amorous moans and facial expressions were causing her to tremble against him but her goal was to seduce and please him tonight.

“Damn, girl. Best idea you’ve ever had.”

“Thank you, Maestro. Love the song.”

“It’s a little something I just put together,” he growled as she glided her tongue back on his neck.

“I meant you.”

She began to unbutton his shirt, placing kisses along his chest and scooting her body down at the same time as Braxton let out a knowing sigh of where she was headed.


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2 thoughts on “A Teaser from His Loving Caress

  1. Candace, you are the greatest teaser ever, I am 62 years old you and amost got my heart racing from that sweet teaser😂😂😂😂. I cannot wait to read this awesome book, it is looking so sexy and yummy😉😉😉😉. I pre orders this book so long ago and cannot wait for the 1st June.

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