Cover Reveals for The Precious Moments Series and a Free Book!

Hello romance readers!

I hope you all are enjoying the summer and reading some hot, steamy romance novels! I’m trying to budget my time where I can write a few hours a day and then spend the rest of my time with my teacher hubby who is off from work for the summer. So before I go back to cuddling with my real life hero, I wanted to share with you the covers of the Precious Moments Series. They were finalized a few weeks ago, and I can’t keep them to myself any longer! LOL! Check them out below. When I Fell for You, has a tentative release date of Winter 2016 and Then There was You has a tentative release date of late Spring 2017.

When I Fell For You Book Cover Final    Then There was You Book Cover Final









Aren’t they gorgeous!?! I haven’t started on the books yet (so dates may change) but unlike For the Love of You (book #1) which is a novella, the next two books in the series will be full-lengths like the Arrington Family and the Chasing Loving Series. I’m working on the outlines in my head as I write my next release which is a part of a series with my best author friends Delaney Diamond and Sharon C. Cooper. More details to come soon.

A big thank you to everyone that has read my latest release, His Loving Caress and for making it a number one bestseller on Harlequin Kimani’s bestselling list. I’ve enjoyed reading the reviews, the emails and the comments on social media about how much you loved the book. If you haven’t read it, please add it to your summer reading list. Oh and before I forget. Journey to Seduction won a Reviewer’s Choice Award with Romance in Color. I was surprised and elated when I found out. I had so much fun writing Sydney and Bryce’s road to love. So if you haven’t read it, add it to your summer reading list along with the other books that won. Here’s the link: Romance in Color


Thank you for always being so supportive! You guys rocks!



P.S. Only One for Me, a reader favorite of the Arrington Family Series is FREE for a limited time. If you’ve read it, tell a friend.

Only One for Me Book cover 400x617
Dr. Cannon Arrington’s mission is to help people in need. But when his ex fiancée re enters his life after twelve years, he has a new mission. Never let her get away again.

Yasmine Dubose never stopped loving Cannon. Instead, she learned to live without him, guarding her heart in the process. However, when they are brought together to plan a wedding for their best friends, Yasmine is faced with the challenge of following her heart this time around or risk losing the only man she’s ever loved.

Chapter 1  Free Links: Amazon   Barnes & Noble  Smashwords  All Romance eBooks   iTunes  Kobo

3 thoughts on “Cover Reveals for The Precious Moments Series and a Free Book!

  1. I have read every Chasing Love Series. I became a fan after reading about Megan and the senator. I love how Megan, Syd, Tiffany, Preston, and Braxton is a big happy family. I can’t wait to see who is going to bring Preston down a notch. I have idea about who can bring Preston down a notch. I look forward to the next Chasing Love Series.

    • Thank you so much! Yes, Preston is next in A Chase for Christmas. Its the last book in the series. Have you read the Arrington Family Series books yet! They’re the cousins to the Chase family. If you haven’t, Only One for Me is free.

      Thank you for reading my books!


  2. You already know I am a big fan of yours. Or maybe I should say a devoted reader There shouldn’t be a double in your mind nor a question if I will be purchasing your book. The more you write the more we as devoted readers wwill purchase and read your material. With that said keep up the good work.


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