Excerpt from A Passionate Night by Candace Shaw

Hello romance readers!

I’m ecstatic that on Friday, August 26th, The Bennett Triplets novella series will be released. I had a blast collaborating with my dear friends Delaney Diamond and Sharon C. Cooper on this project. We can’t wait for you to read Cameron, Mason, and Harper’s love stories! Each novella will be sold separately and can be read any order. Just in case you missed it. Check out the covers below followed by a little tease from A Passionate Night.

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A Passionate Night Book CoverMixing business with pleasure leads to a passionate night …

Harper Bennett’s motto is work hard, play hard. Lately, she’s forgotten the latter and has focused her time as part-owner, along with her brothers, of the hottest nightclub in Atlanta. When an intriguing client enters, Harper forgoes her promise to never date a man that doesn’t live in the same city and she finds herself playing hard to get with Hunter Arrington. The passion that has ignited between them can’t be extinguished, and she dreads the day he has to leave.

Hunter travels the world because of his career and has no intentions of settling down until his eyes land on Harper Bennett. There’s something about the petite, sassy woman that he adores and makes him feel at home for the first time in years.  Now he’s faced with a life-changing decision and the thought of being without Harper isn’t an option.


Hunter opened the door of Café Intermezzo to let Harper cross the threshold, or in her case strut provocatively past him in six inch heels. She mouthed a sexy thank you as she entered, continued to the host stand where she gave the hostess a hug and asked for her usual area to sit. Even though he was a gentleman, he had to admit admiring her sultry body wrapped seductively in a lace red dress and her scent tickling his nose was enough to make him forget. His gaze wandered over her rounded hips and plump butt as they continued onto their table. He didn’t notice any of the ambience or the patrons of the crowded restaurant. Nope, just the woman in front of him who’d finally decided to be his “tour guide”.

Hunter had enjoyed every moment of watching her walk the few blocks to the restaurant as she’d pointed out places along the way—places he couldn’t remember because he wasn’t listening. He was too busy admiring her ass swishing in front of him, and imagining all the ways her muscular legs could be intertwined with his.

Pulling out her chair, he lingered his eyes on her adorable face. She wore little make-up which was fine with him. She was a natural beauty with warm, toffee-colored skin that he had an urge to glide his tongue over and taste the sweetness radiating from her. A slight strain pressed against his pants at the erotic thought. Remembering he was wearing spring khakis, he pushed in her chair and immediately plopped into his seat across from her.

A waitress stopped by to greet them with two glasses of water and promised to return in a few moments with the cocktails they’d ordered.

“So, what do you recommend from the menu?” he asked, picking up his in the hopes of pulling his mind out of the gutter.

Harper raised her eyes up from her perusal of the menu and settled them on him. For the first time he noticed the place was dimly lit and the candle on the table illuminated her face beautifully. No, he didn’t think his mind was rising from the gutter any time soon. More like drowning in it, like he was at that moment as her smoldering stare rested on him inquisitively.

“Well, what are you in the mood for?” she asked.

Chuckling, he closed the menu and leaned in toward her. Grabbing one of her hands, he set it on the table under his. He licked his tongue over his bottom lip and whispered, “Toffee. Rich toffee.”

Her lips slid into an amused smirk, and she glanced at the extensive dessert display case that contained cheesecakes, pastries, and other sweet treats. He decided to play along and peek there as well for a quick second. The only sweet thing he wanted sat across from him wearing a sensual expression on her face. Goodness, he hoped he’d have a chance to see more of it and he hoped to be the reason.

Closing her eyes halfway, she released a moan. “Mmm, they do have a toffee cheesecake. It’s so freakin’ delish.” Biting her bottom lip, Harper squeezed his hand. “It’s rich. Creamy. Smooth. Mmm … I think you’d enjoy indulging in it.”

Travelling his fingers up her bare forearm and back down to her hand, Hunter loved watching her eyelashes flutter at the gesture. She let out a long, seductive sigh and shifted in her seat. Aroused by the feel of her warm skin under his, sent his pulse to race like a car speeding in the Indy 500.

“Hmm … I may have to indulge in it, as you suggested. Sounds absolutely delicious, beautiful one.”

“It is.” Removing her hand and leaning back into her chair, she reopened her menu and continued reading. “You should order it,” she said casually.

Wrapping his legs around hers under the table, a grin reached his face when she sucked in her breath. “I wasn’t talking about the dessert.”

“Oh, I know,” she answered matter-of-factly. “Neither was I.”

11 thoughts on “Excerpt from A Passionate Night by Candace Shaw

  1. I really can’t wait. I’m waiting on pins and needles for every last novel in this series. There are some excellent novels coming out now and between Christmas, and you ladies are truly amongst them. There are some of my authors that I stop reading whatever I am reading to get to their novels and you excellent, talented, beautiful authors hit that list too. Kudos to you all on these novels that I know will be excellent.

  2. Hello CS…I notice both you and SC Bennett novellas are already available for purchase live on kindle and DD can be preordered on nook…where are you and SCs books in this series on nook?! I have been “not” patiently waiting LOL

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