New Release: A Chase for Christmas

Dear Romance Reader!

I’m so excited that A Chase for Christmas has officially released. However, at the same time it’s a bittersweet moment because it’s the fifth and final book in the Chasing Love Series. I truly enjoyed writing Megan, Sydney, Braxton, Tiffani, and Preston’s love stories. This doesn’t mean you’ll never hear from the Chase family again. Expect to see some of them popping up in future Arrington books. Plus, I’ve started working on Megan Chase’s best friend and business partner, Jade Whitmore’s book, so you’ll definitely see a Chase family member or two and updates about their lives.

If you aren’t familiar with Preston Chase, he’s a ladies’ man who doesn’t consider himself a player. His suave, handsome looks and intelligent charm can land him any woman he wants, except for the one who simply laughs off his advances—Blythe Ventura. He usually falls for high-maintenance women. However, there’s something about the bohemian, earthy artist that has piqued his interest ever since he laid eyes on her at a paint party with his family a year ago.

Blythe knows Preston is a player and wants nothing to do with him on a dating level. But when he asks her to assist him with his project for the children’s hospital, she can’t say no. Working in close proximity with Preston and seeing his interactions with the children, she notices a side of him that she didn’t know existed. Blythe’s guard begins to lower and she finds herself loving the chase.

I hope you enjoy Preston and Blythe’s sexy Christmas romance! Happy reading!


Candace Shaw

A Chase for Christmas Final front coverChasing a dream of love 

The pursuit of love has always been high on Preston Chase’s priority list. But the video game developer has yet to find the soul mate he craves. His sister’s best friend—artist and studio owner Blythe Ventura—is a world away from the shallow glam girls who’ve thrown themselves at him. With her creative spirit and passionate commitment, she’s the ideal candidate for his Winter Wonderland project. Too bad she doesn’t seem interested in being the one to win his heart.

After a string of dating disasters, Blythe isn’t ready to believe in a romantic relationship with Preston. Until their work giving sick children hope and joy for Christmas brings them together—and reveals a very different side of the notorious millionaire playboy. All she has to do is trust in the feelings Preston is awakening and this just might be the year that they both find the happy holiday ending they’ve been searching for…


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