Writing Updates, Cover Reveals and More!

Dear Romance Readers!

I hope you’re all well and enjoying your summer. My summer vacation has officially ended. The teacher hubby is back at work and I’m ready for some cool weather!

I know a lot of you have emailed or messaged me on social media about the release date for When I Fell for You. At one point it was supposed to be late 2016 but after writing four books in a row with no in-between break, my brain was tired and I took a much needed two month writing sabbatical. However, when I started writing the book, I hated it, and deleted about 30,000 words but kept a few scenes. If I hated it that means you would’ve hated it as well. Now I’m in love with Reagan Richardson and Blake Harrison’s fun, flirty, sexy romance! It was supposed to be released in April, but was put on hold when my husband and I found out our beloved 12-year old Weimaraner, Muhammad Ali had cancer and only had a few months left to live. So I dropped everything and focused solely on him. If you know me, I love my dog like a child so the news hit really hard. Ali passed away in late May and while we miss him more than we thought was even possible, I know he’s still watching over us as he always did.

I started writing again soon after and sent When I Fell for You to my editor a few days ago. Finally. LOL! I plan on releasing it at the end of August, so the next time I send you an update it will be the release day! Yippie! I can’t wait for you to read Reagan and Blake’s love story. Unlike the first book in the series For the Love of You, which is a novella, (on sale for 99 cents. See the sidebar) When I Fell for You is a full-length novel. You’ll of course catch up with Zaria and Garrett as well as some of the Arringtons. Below is the blurb and the next two covers in the series. I adore them.

Thank you for being wonderful readers and for being patient!




Has a wedding planner with a commitment phobia finally found the man to make her fall head over heels in love?

Reagan Richardson loves planning extravagant, classy weddings as the head planner of Precious Moments Events. Though the notion of walking down the aisle has never entered her mind considering none of her boyfriends have ever lasted long enough thanks to her. However, meeting Dr. Blake Harrison changes all of that in a glance and she finds herself in uncharted territory.

Blake knows all about Reagan’s fear of commitment but that doesn’t stop him from pursuing the adorable beauty. Breaking down the wall that guards her heart isn’t as easy as he thought but being with Reagan has stirred emotions in him that no other woman ever has. Can he convince her that history isn’t going to repeat itself this time around?




The heroine in Then There was You is Brooklyn Vincent, Rasheed’s (The Game of Seduction) baby sister. And I know you’ll be happy to know that the hero is Chase Arrington, Hunter Arrington’s twin brother. (A Passionate Night: The Bennett Triplets) The heroine in When I Think of You is Addison Arrington, their baby sister. She made a brief appearance in A Passionate Night and you’ll meet her in When I Fell For You.

6 thoughts on “Writing Updates, Cover Reveals and More!

  1. So so sorry for your loss of yours beloved pet,Muhammad Ali. Looking forward to reading all your hard work.
    Thank you for sharing your gift with us!

  2. Can hardly wait. Sorry for your loss I truly know the pain, I had to put down my Boxer of 12 years, two years ago and it still hurts. Maybe Muhammad Ali and Arthur ( my boxer) are enjoying the days

  3. I think I have waited so long to read a new book from you, so this is indeed good news. Keep the fond memories of your dog in your hearts.

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