Excerpt and Release Date for Prescription for Desire by Candace Shaw

Hello romance readers!

Prescription for Desire will be released on Tuesday, May 6, 2014. It’s the fourth book in the Arrington Family Series. Check out the blurb and excerpt below.


Prescription for Desire bookcover final2

Since the death of her husband three years ago, Dr. Raven Arrington has found herself in the same unsatisfying routine. Needing a change of scenery, she escapes to a little town outside of Buenos Aries to temporarily work at a medical facility. Raven didn’t realize what prescription for medicine she needed until she met Chief of Staff Dr. Armand Phillips. With just the right dose of desire, the gray-eyed, sinfully suave doctor awakens a part of her she’d suppressed.

Armand knows having a fling with a co-worker is a prescription for trouble, but the older, sophisticated doctor is like no other woman he’s met. He’s used to having no responsibilities outside of his career and loves his freedom to travel wherever needed. However, Armand is willing to sacrifice it all, in order to make Raven his—despite her reservations—and to give her what she wants more than anything.



Raven opened the door, and collided into a white-coated chest. Her hands rested on pure hardness that radiated strength and power from him. Strength and power that she could only imagine handling her exactly how she wanted in the bedroom or wherever. He seemed the type of man that could get busy whenever or wherever need be, considering he’d mentioned laying her out on the desk in her office. She hadn’t been able to sleep for the past two nights with that comment lodged in her brain.

“Excuse me, Dr. Phillips.” Her hands balled into fists when she realized they were still pressed against him. She immediately jerked them away, placing them in the pockets of her white coat.

“Sorry,” he said as his eyes roamed over her before they settled on her face with a knowing gleam. “Um … I was just going into the supply room.” He took out his keys and stepped toward the door across the hall from her exam room.

“While you’re in there, can you get me a box of hand sanitizer? I’m almost out.” She turned to walk down the hall, but he gently grabbed her hand and pulled her into the room with him.

“What?” she whispered as Armand closed the door.

He grinned. “Why are you whispering? There’s no rule against us being in the supply room. You need hand sanitizer, don’t you?”

Heat rushed over her face. A part of her was glad that was the only reason he pulled her into the room, but another part of her actually thought he was going to extinguish the fire that blazed in her when she ran into him. Correction. That had blazed in her since their tryst in his apartment.

“Yes … I just …” She raked her hair behind her ears. “I just thought you could grab them for me, Dr. Phillips.” She tried to concentrate on the task of breathing, but she wasn’t having any luck.

The side of his mouth etched into a grin. “You have a patient waiting?”

He stepped closer, and she moved back with a gulp, finding herself against a shelf.


He reached his hand out, and she sucked in her breath. She thought he was about to caress her face, but instead his arm passed her and slid something down from the shelf above her. Backing out of her personal space, he handed her a box.

“Do you need more than one? There’re four containers in here.”

She glanced at the box of hand sanitizer in her hands and realized how paranoid she’d been. Apparently he was keeping his promise of not mixing business with pleasure. Deep down, she wanted to forget they’d agreed to it.

“No.” Relief swept over her, and her breathing relaxed. “This should be plenty.”

“Anything else you need while we’re here?”

Was that a trick question?

“I’ll look around,” Raven said, setting the box on a swivel chair, feeling much better and comfortable. She laughed at the thought of them actually making out in the supply room. She didn’t even know why that notion had crossed her mind in the first place. Oh wait, it was because the night in his apartment hadn’t left her mind, or that sensitive spot that made her a woman.

She took a few moments to browse the shelves and rack her brain for any other supplies her three examination rooms were almost out of. They were usually well stocked, thanks to the medical assistants, but she had a habit of overusing sanitizer. She glanced at Armand, who stood by the door, and she grabbed a box of gloves.

“Am I keeping you from something?” she asked, wondering why he was just standing there watching her and not gathering whatever it was he needed.

“Nope.” Armand shrugged nonchalantly with his hands in his pockets. “I have a conference call with the board in an hour, so I’m good. Take your time.”

She glanced around the small room again before her eyes settled back on his handsome face. “I believe I have everything I need. I’ll just leave so you can get whatever it is you want,” she said, turning toward the swivel chair to retrieve the box.

“Then you can’t leave,” he whispered.

Raven stopped in her tracks at his words. Her breathe halted in her throat, and her pulse raced as she waited with baited breath for his next move.

Armand’s hands reached under her coat and pulled her by the waist to his body. Juicy, thick lips hit the back of her neck and she exhaled a moan of relief. The warmth of his mouth on her skin sent tingles racing through her. The box of gloves dropped to her feet, and she clasped her hands in his to hold on, for she feared she’d fall over just from the passionate way his tongue ravished her neck uncontrollably.

“How did you know I wanted you to touch me? Kiss me?” Her breathing became unraveled again.

“You told me,” he answered gruffly. His hands roamed over her breasts while his mouth continued to press kisses all over her bare neck, reaching around to her collarbone.

“I never … said … a word.” She could barely stand up straight as heat ran through her body, lingering between her legs.

“Remind me to have a mirror the next time you’re in my presence. Your face told me everything I needed to know. Oh, yeah, and your breathing was somewhat staggered. Either you wanted me to touch you, or you’re having a heart attack.”

“What if someone comes in?” she whispered as his lips moved to her jawline. She turned her body to imprison his lips, winding her tongue with his in a fast rumba.

“Then we’re caught.”

Normally a statement like that would’ve had Raven pushing him away and sprinting out of the room without her supplies. However, all logic and sensibility had escaped her the moment she met him. For some reason the thought of getting caught turned her on, and she kissed him more intensely, meeting and matching his powerful kisses.

Raven was on a high she couldn’t explain. The wild and crazy kisses were foreign to her, to say the least. While she wasn’t a prudish, buttoned up, kind of a woman, she wasn’t the type to get hot and heavy in the supply closet with the chief of staff who was younger than her. However, he’d unleashed a sexual side that she never knew existed. All of her inhibitions no longer mattered, and she could just be free with her emotions and feelings. She felt empowered, and more feminine than ever.

Copyrighted by Candace Shaw 2014

11 thoughts on “Excerpt and Release Date for Prescription for Desire by Candace Shaw

  1. I love this latest book in the series! Raven is a lucky woman to have run into Armand. The chemistry between them, even in this short excerpt is wonderful! I can’t wait to read the book. Great job Candace!

    Belinda G

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